The GREAT Life: Gratitude, Part 3

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Last week I talked about gratitude as the first and most important pillar of The GREAT Life. When we are grateful, we can practice the other four components with more ease and regularity, because we are recognizing that everything that happens in our lives, has purpose.

Rev. Chris Jackson posed the question in church yesterday, “Can you trust that everything that happens is being orchestrated by God for your good?” Tough sometimes. But if we can convince ourselves of that – and we can. Beliefs are choices – then subsequently, we should choose to be grateful for those happenings. And I’ve found, in my everyday life, that when I express gratitude for the things that are seemingly less than positive, I begin to look for (and sometimes create) the opportunity that lies within those difficult situations.

I generally start to think one of two thoughts. “What’s the good that will come of this?” or “How do I make the most out of this?” When I ask the first, it forces me to keep my eyes and ears peeled, because I know that it couldn’t possibly be bad for the sake of being bad. There’s more to it. I trust God, and I trust life. And when I ask the second, it forces me to get to work. I can’t ask myself how to make the most of it, and then sit back and wait. There’s inherent action involved in that question. And I sometimes find that inaction is sometimes what led to the situation. This was simply a wake up call. I nudge to get up and get going.

Life is GREAT. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. And as such, it only makes sense to trust that life is working on our behalf. So be grateful for all of the good in your life, but also the difficulties and struggles. The more gratitude we show, the more reason we will have to be grateful.

Make it a GREAT week!
be easy
God bless.