Throwback Thursday: 1991 Mann Cup Video


This week’s Throwback Thursday post features a great video from AccessLacrosse, which features the Brooklin Redmen taking on the Vancouver Burrards in the 1991 Mann Cup. In case you needed another reason to watch, Gary and Paul Gait both played for Brooklin in 1991. And they were using wooden sticks. (Thanks to Jim Fee for that info!)

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The video is over 1 hour and fifty minutes long, and it provides an unadulterated look into box lacrosse in Canada in the early 90s. 1991 marked the 90th anniversary of the Mann Cup, which had first been won in 1901 by the Ottawa Capitals.

Before you head on over to Access, here are a couple of fun notes about the Mann Cup:

– The Mann Cup is awarded to the winner of a series of games between the WLA champion and the MSL champion in Canada.

– It is made of pure gold, and is valued at over $60,000, making it one of the most valuable trophies in all of sport.

– Until 1932, Mann Cup winners were determined by playing a game of field lacrosse, and not box. The first box game to decide the Mann Cup was played in Toronto’s Maple Leaf Garderns.

– Since 2006, only two teams have won the Mann Cup. Since 2002, three teams have won. 5 teams have won since 2000, and six teams had won since 1994. Recently, Brampton and Peterborough have been the top teams.

– In 1989, the Mann Cup was stolen from the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. It was found weeks later with a small piece removed, but intact.

– In 2004, the Lakers won the Mann Cup, and broke a replica they were celebrating with when it fell in a bonfire.

Now that you know why this is such a big deal (if you didn’t already), now you do. Now check out the video from 1991, and tell me that kind of box lacrosse doesn’t scare you just a little bit. Go ahead, I dare you.

1991 Mann Cup – Brooklin Redmen Vs Vancouver Burrards