Throwback Thursday: 20 Years of Lacrosse Gear


Welcome to the new and improved world of Old School, now called Throwback Thursdays!

This week, we are opening the vault for an exclusive look inside Randy Fraser’s gear closet.

It’s no mystery that the longer you are involved in the lacrosse world, the more gear you will accumulate. Especially if you have had the lacrosse career like Randy Fraser has.

Recently, Fraser sent over a couple pictures of some of his arm guards, gloves and sticks from a few of the teams he’s played and coached for over the past 20 years.

Randy Fraser's Lacrosse Closet

Fraser began his collegiate lacrosse career in 1986 at Springfield College. After graduating, he played 11 seasons in the NLL, Captained Team USA in the 2003 World Indoor Championship, and several other accolades as he continued his career.

He began his coaching career and would help lead his Alma mater to a NCAA D2 National Championship in 1994. He also enjoyed a great stint of coaching professionally with the Boston Cannons, New York Titans, Boston Blazers, and even Team USA. Needless to say, he has amassed a large amount of gear.

Randy Fraser's Lacrosse Closet

Randy Fraser's Lacrosse Closet

20 Years of Lacrosse Gear

That’s a lot of gear. Randy Fraser could equip his own game of 6v6 if he wanted to. So impressive!

Pay attention kids! That is one of the benefits of being a top notch player throughout your lacrosse career.