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Show LAS Your Old School: Pump Cleats

Jim Kennedy grew up in Cincinnati, went to Moeller HS, is currently living in Malad, ID and coaching lacrosse. But back in 1996, Jim was a junior playing lacrosse for UMass, and he was doing so in full Old School regalia!

Bucket helmet, mid-calf socks pushed down, traditional stick, and he’s playing on grass… in Reebok Pump Cleats!

jim kennedy umass lacrosse 1996

Obviously the Reebok Pumps stand out as a relatively rare old school find, and from all accounts the reason that they weren’t super popular is because they were extremely heavy. Still, they looked ridiculously great.

Here are a couple of other observations from UMass in 1996:

That is the same field they play on now. See the hill in the background? Fans can sit there and take games in and it’s a great experience. However, the playing surface has since been converted to turf.

– Are those not the best looking bucket helmets of all-time? I’m pretty sure that’s a 1995 or 1996 Bacharach, although I could be wrong.

The photo isn’t grainy at all. The tiny white spots on the photo are actually rain drops. It was pouring in this game, where UMass beat Brown 11-8.

Jim Kennedy scored 15 goals and added 7 assists in 1996, which was Greg Canella’s second year as the UMass Head Coach. He is still there today!