High School

High School
High School Lacrosse news and commentary. From East Coast to West Coast, we've got high school lax coverage from every region!
Trevor Tierney and Ben Allison respond to our second set of questions about Urban Lacrosse. These guys know how to train, play at the highest levels AND Grow The Game. It's a must read!
Trevor Tierney is back to answer some tough questions on Growing The Game and urban lacrosse growth. Trevor gets help from Ben Allison of Denver City Lax and their answers are certainly compelling and informed!
The LaxAllStars.com Photo of the Week is back! Each week we’re looking for a superb lacrosse photo from one of our readers. If your photo is selected you could win Grow The Game laces!
Connor Wilson begins his exploration of New Jersey lacrosse by talking to Bob Turco of Tri-State Lacrosse about their box lacrosse program. Growing the Game in a hotbed? You know it.
Connor Wilson sits down with Chris Meade of LacrosseRecruits.com to talk MCLA ball, recruiting, blue chippers, Super Sophs, Fab Frosh, and how the game is changing! Meade is an absolute expert on the game!!!!
Connor Wilson recaps a TON of winter lacrosse action from the youth and high school levels. Rhino at the Sandstorm, tourney, Duke's LC at the Tri-State tourney, Brogden Cup action (USA Vs Canada) and True Lacrosse in Illinois!
The Shreveport, Louisiana lacrosse community comes together to honor the memory of one of their own, Navy SEAL Bob Reeves, with a lacrosse game and fundraiser for NSW Kids, a charity group set up the the children of Seal Team Six members.
Cody Hart takes us on an inspired journey through his lacrosse life. Yes, lacrosse is a sport, but it's also something more, and this "mere game" changed Cody's life in a number of major ways.

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