Traditional Thursday: Billy’s New Creation!

Billy's New Rig

Welcome back to another #TraditionalThursday, we’re coming in hot today with 2 posts!

Today I will show you a new pocket, inspired by an abundance of scrap string and my forever growing needs for a quicker release. This drop top features 2 strings running along the top of the scoop extremely tight. As always, the goal is to avoid the dreaded ball and plastic click and keeping everything symmetrical, in this asymmetrical traditional pocket. If you overlap your strings correctly, the leathers will sit on the front side of the scoop. Another little way to avoid lipping as the pocket continues to break in, kind of like the teardrop top string.


As we continue down the head, you will notice that the shooting strings are NCAA legal. This pocket is reminiscent of my high school setup when I used to string a low bag with my shooting strings starting from like the 8th row of diamonds down. We’ve all been through that phase, right? I mean, Matt Danowski still does it… and he plays on the US National team. To replicate that snap and “power” (as Danowski calls it), I opted to use cotton shooters instead of a tight nylon up top.

Sidewalls, you can figure this one out. It’s not as complicated as it looks. I promise.

Alas, we end with the tie off. I’m using these gigantic Minlax leathers and this head has tiny bottom holes, end of the world. My scrap strings come in handy once again, with this bottom string mod, it actually works in favor of this pocket. It keeps the middle leathers spaced out nicely and hugs the outer leathers a little closer to the side so the channel is nice and snug.


There you have it folks, the intricacies of this pocket aren’t so intracate anymore, are they? The smallest variables that wouldn’t normally affect this pocket as much, now plays a huge role in making the entire pocket work. Purpose changes everything.

See ya next week, till then #stringyourown #stringitforward

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