Traditional Thursday: Old Ball Looks Like Traditional


I found this older lacrosse ball a while back, and it was a truly great find. I was running a camp, and doing a ball hunt, and I thought I’d found just another lost nugget at first. Then I pulled it out from under the bleachers, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was totally weird!

I believe the year was 2002 or 2003, when Brine released this new ball, and they called it The Championship Ball. The reception to the next sphere was mixed, and I don’t think it ever made its way into NCAA D1 games, but may have seen time at some practices. It never took off, cost more than a regular ball, and before long it had been relegated to being a weird tangental experiment in someone’s lacrosse gear collection.

The idea behind the ball was likely to increase grip on the ball, and assuming the triangular dimples functioned similarly to how they do on golf balls, another impact could have been increased speed, and curve, on shots. It really remind me of a traditionally strung stick for some reason:


The current MLL ball is different, but uses a similar concept. Instead of creating triangular dimpled indents, the MLL has used a ball that has small bumps on it, or ridges in it, depending on how you look at it. Most MLL players I have spoken with like the orange grippy balls, and believe it does add grip and hold.

mll lacrosse ball by Brine lacrosse
I want a couple of these!


  1. Great find. Although my time playing with both the brine “championship ball” and the “grippy” ball was pretty limited, I do think they are both improvements over the current the ball. Maybe it is time to change the ball, thoughts?

  2. I remember some of the guys on my high school team buying these balls, including myself. We tried them out at a wall ball session and it was a new experience to say the least. If you caught the corner of a brick in one of the triangular grooves the ball would end up flying in some random direction off the wall. It was a rarity but it definitely threw off your groove. They did fly further than normal balls, left the stick with a little more zip, and had some nice curve to them. I think the look of the ball is what did it in.

  3. We had these at Brown. Bright green ones, if I’m not mistaken, that we used once or twice during night games. I may be mixing up two different balls, but I’m pretty sure they were the same. Personally, I kind of liked them. Definitely like the MLL balls, and thing that they should be the standard ball.