Traditional Thursday: Steele Stanwick Video Interview

steele stanwick virginia traditional lacrosse

Welcome back to Traditional Thursday! This week we’re coming at ya from Columbus, Ohio. I was fortunate enough to hang out and talk about traditional pockets with Steele Stanwick at the Midwest Lacrosse store near campus last weekend.

The day before we met up, I received a package from Throne of String, inside was a head to review and a set of Chris Tiernan’s water-proof and pre-stretched leathers. These leathers are unlike any other leathers out right now but we’ll get more on that later. For now, Steele has a set and he will get back to us when he gets it strung up by his dad.

As you can see in the video, Steele’s pita pocket is strung up to perform to his playing style. I know Greg Rose loops the bottom leathers similar to Steele’s traditional. What this does is that, it allows the ball to sit a little lower below the plastic (for all you attackmen out there). It doesn’t look pretty but like Steele said “you shouldn’t only play with traditional because you like the way it looks”.

That’s the beauty of traditional to me, the many ways that you can customize it to suit your playing style. From bottom strings, to floating sidewalls, even a replaceable top string, and so on.

What are you waiting for? There are no more excuses. Tutorials are up, water-proofed leathers exist and are even pre-stretched. Be different. Don’t limit yourself. Until next Thursday!