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Vandal Shots Week 6: They Love Our Joe Vandal Style

Editor’s note: Krieg Shaw takes us behind the scenes of University of Idaho men’s lacrosse throughout the 2009-2010 season. The Idaho Vandals are an MCLA D1 team, competing in the Pacific Northwest Conference. Shaw, a senior midfielder, will be contributing photos on a weekly basis. If you missed them, here’s Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5.

I’m reveling over many things right now. First my schedule for next semester consists of all but one class on Tuesday and Thursday, finishing those days with a nice hour of yoga. What happens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you ask? Spanish 202 at 9:30 then uh… nothing, zip, zero, zilch, nada. This brings a smile to my face because this leaves around 7-8 hours of daylight for me to get a chance to grab my wind, lace up my cleats, and lax, especially with this year being my final year of eligibility.

MCLA Idaho Week 6-1

So much shooting so I can do more of this come springtime.

The other thing that makes me smile is shooting right before the football team practices. The reason is simple; I’m starting to think each and every person on that team loves our set-up for gear. Every time I transition from the turf to the racquetball courts when they start their practice, 9 out of 10 guys will be checking out our shiny black dome pieces as I walk past them (speaking of gear, our jerseys are going to look dank this year, nothing flashy, just simple and sexy – pictures when they arrive, of course). I bet they wish they had shiny black helmets with Joe Vandal on the side of them.

A little bit of history on this topic, my sophomore year, before I transferred up to UI, our Coach came up with the idea to put the black “I” on the helmets, at this time the football team had Vandals on their helmets, then low and behold, football switches to the “I” (although now they also have Vandals written on it as well). Hmm… interesting?

Vandal Football Pre-Viewing of Vandal Lacrosse

Vandal Football... Pre-Viewing of Vandal Lacrosse

Vandal Lacrosse in spring 2008 (Logo was put on fall of ’07)

Vandal Lacrosse in spring 2008 (Logo was put on fall of ’07)

Vandal Football in fall 2009 (Logo used for BSU game in fall ’08)

Vandal Football in fall 2009 (Logo used for BSU game in fall ’08)

Fast forward to last year, we switch to the Joe Vandal logo to freshen up our look a bit. This year at the Homecoming game, a Joe Vandal appears on their helmet. Coincidence? I think not. Apparently Ole Robb Akey watched us practice a few times from his office in the Dome or while working on plays in his car. I wonder when our football team will go with the black helmets.

Vandal Lacrosse spring 2009 (Ben Lavigne and his great ideas)

Vandal Lacrosse spring 2009 (Ben Lavigne and his great ideas)

Vandal Football fall 2009 (Our Joe Vandals are better, IMHO, theirs’ looks a lil’ grumpy)

Vandal Football fall '09 (Our Joe Vandals are better, theirs looks a lil’ grumpy)

Pretty much, my point in all of this is that it is pretty sweet to know our Varsity Football team loves our gear so much that they use the look as well. Thanks for staying with me through my role playing as I hop in the Mystery Machine and play detective.

Was that whole story just a ploy to put up this picture of Moscow’s own Mystery Machine? Maybe… maybe not.

Was that whole story just a ploy to put up this picture of Moscow’s own Mystery Machine? Maybe… maybe not.

Last week I talked about the SRC and the climbing wall in there. Idaho toots its own horn a bit and calls it the most comprehensive facility of its kind in North America. Solid, here are a couple pics of the wall and a cool little wire-structure of a climber outside that I literally just noticed Monday.

The 55ft wall in all its might.

The 55ft wall in all its might.

Here is a shot from the outside of the Climbing area in the Rec

A shot from the outside of the Climbing area in the Rec

Cool little wire sculpture of a climber on the outside of the Rec.

Cool little wire sculpture of a climber on the outside of the Rec.

Oh yea, Peter Tumbas, this one’s for you. Here is your San Diego Superchargers glove winner in all his glory.

Oh yea, check out the new shooter shirts too.

Oh yea, check out the new shooter shirts too.

P.S. It’s snowing here, legitimately snowing, like several inches on the ground. I’m not even gonna share my misery over it so don’t ask for a picture. Here’s to UI facility members hopefully, possibly, maybe shoveling the Sprinturf.

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Krieg Shaw

An Idaho Vandal through and through, Krieg Shaw played and coached in Moscow, Idaho and now resides in Boise helping grow the local lacrosse scene. Follow Krieg on Twitter and on Instagram.


    • Good one Bradford, that's very classy. That's why you go to your commuter college and we go to a real university, any support from your school is good. Get a life.

      • Umm you said it yourself, “Pretty much, my point in all of this is that it is pretty sweet to know our Varsity Football team loves our gear so much that they use the look as well.” I was just pointing out that your Varsity Football team got crushed 63-25 last weekend.

        I don't currently go to any school, although I do commute to work. I'm not sure what that has to do with your “real university?”

        It is nice keeping up with Vandal Lacrosse every week though. Thanks.

          • So you guys are seriously bragging about your #6 team blowing out an unranked opponent… nice? And whether or not that was sarcastic, your welcome Bradford.

            I'm glad y'all feel that you have to trash talk to me. I hope it makes you feel like a bigger man.

  • The whole point of the mimicking story is to reflect on the fact that it is cool to know a club team is being recognized by its school, however big or small. This has nothing to do with our rank in football. As a former player of a club team you should know what I'm talking about, just the same as when we were at BSU and the football program offered us their extra cleats.

    And after this post you made:

    Expand ⇗Verified
    Drofdarb23 11/11/2009 05:44 PM in reply to Drofdarb23

    “Also, it has been my experience that lacrosse players have no reservations about helping other fellow players and especially people new to lacrosse. We do this for the “growth & benefit” of the game. This is the exact opposite of how things are done in college football; nobody wants to 'help' BSU by agreeing to play them.”

    I'd think you'd recognize that any recognition is a great thing for the growth of the game.

    I'm all for BSU being a legit football team, because it brings money into the WAC, you should be hoping Idaho and the rest of the WAC gets better because that will make you guys look more legit as well. It'd also help if y'all would win a bowl game instead of being 1-4 in the past 5 years.

    “Man, I got summer hating on me cause I'm hotter than the sun,
    got spring hating on me cause I ain't never sprung,
    winter hating on me cause I'm colder than y'all
    and I would never, I would never, I would never fall.
    I'm being hated by the seasons,
    so f*** y'all who hating for no reason!”

      • Krieg, In no way are these Hate comments. You know we're homeys and I have every intention of checking you guys out in San Diego this year. These are just some points i wanted to share.

        1. I feel like every article you write about is what new gear your team has… ( however, I do admit you're gear is tight… and thats coming from a bronco)

        2. Its a rivalry, doods are going to run theyre mouths. Its not hate, its fun.

        3. Why are we talking about football records? Shouldnt we talk about Lax instead? Like BSU vs. UI Lax record? Whats that at now? 7-1 in favor of BSU?

        4. Hope you guys kill it this year! Until you play BSU of course… in which i hope all you vandals get swine flu.

        • If I recall correctly, University of Idaho lacrosse's inaugural year was 2004, so I think it's 5-1 BSU right now. The record is certainly in BSU's favor, but considering your team has been established since like 1993, and Idaho wasn't able to get a coach until the 2007 season, I'd expect that to be the case. The first few years for any MCLA program tend to be pretty shaky.

          • Sandiegosuperchargers: sorry for the mistake, i swear i thought the program was around since 2002… guess im wrong? 5-1 or 7-1… i believe my point was made.

            Carolinapanthers- if you read everything you would have noticed i misspelled words and didnt use proper punctuation… much like the rest of us on this forum… being in a rush i really didnt care if i used proper grammer or not. You however spent the time proofreading what i wrote and still couldnt find all my grammar mistakes… looks like your “supiriors edumclations” has served you well

            side note…I did wish the vandals good luck on the year, playing in the same conference and representing the state of idaho i support the team in all that they do. so i dont understand the attack. however im a good sport, thanks for making me smile :)

            *i apologize for incorrect use of grammar

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  • the coolest part about this blog is all of these idiots whom I assume are from Boise State (?) who've come to make themselves sound like assholes.

    Gonna say what I say to FSU students: you have a good football team but you all your buddies look like retards in your clown colors.

  • Nice story, Krieg. As an avid lax fan, and parent of a UI senior, these blog posts are very welcome. Been to Moscow a few times, and the Rec Center is a super facility. Hope I can get into the refurbished Kibbe Dome when I come back in a few weeks.

    As for BS, fan of their great football team and was glad to see the UI/BS game on national tv. I don't mind the BS uniforms as much as the turf. Hope it wears out soon and they come to their senses. It really is hard on the eyes on tv.

    • Hey thanks Dennis, I'm glad to hear the support. As for the Kibbie Dome, they are even working on a new piece on the west side of it, I'll put pics up in this weeks post. It is really coming together nicely, it'll be a great looking (and working facility) once they finish it.

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