Video: The Best College Lacrosse Player That Will Never Be…

16 - Published February 8, 2013 by in High School

You might know of Alex Collins because he is a big time college football recruit, or because his mother supposedly hid a letter from one school, in the hopes that Alex might play football for another big time D1 program. While all that makes for a splashy headline, it doesn’t focus on what is truly important: Alex Collins is the BEST Lacrosse Player that will never come to be…

Sure, he’s still as raw as one can get, but his speed, creativity and overall athleticism and power alone would all have given Collins a place on a D1 lacrosse roster somewhere. The move at the 1:17 mark pretty much says it all:

At the :45 second mark he makes two guys fall over just by running near them. At the 2:25 mark I think he kills a kid just by taking a face off.  The goal at the 3:09 mark shows off an uncanny burst off speed and his ability to score.

Collins played his high school lacrosse for South Plantation, in Florida, just outside of Miami, and only picked the sport up in his Senior year. For more, check out this article in the Sun Sentinel.

Imagine if Alex Collins had focused on lacrosse? He might have been the best. He definitely coulda been a contender! Thanks to Tyler Steinhardt with Uganda Lacrosse for the tip!


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