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VOTE NOW: MCLA Helmet Design Contest


Gather round ladies and gentleman, it’s time for Part 2 of the MCLA Helmet Design Contest! With over 250 unique designs entered and many, many MCLA teams represented, it’s time to open up the contest for voting.

It’s simple, really – the design with the most “Awesome’s” wins!

*Note to entrants: We’ve updated the original contest announcement with additional information about the voting process, including how to share your design with friends.

How To Vote

1. Sign in or sign up at

2. Head over to the MCLA Helmet Design Contest thread in the LAS Community.

3. Check out all the different entries and pick your favorite ones.

4. Click the “Awesome” button at the bottom right of the entries you like.

Awesome Button for MCLA Contest

You can vote for as many designs as you want. May the best ones win!

Once you’re done, you can even help spread the word:

Voting closes at Midnight on Wednesday, December 4th.

Grand Prize (1): Exact replica of the masterpiece you create
Second Prize (5): #StringItForward Pack with LAS Stringing Kit

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  • *Correction – Voting will close at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME tonight as we are posting a gallery of all entries on Facebook tonight but the upload process is going slow. We want to post the gallery and give people enough time to vote.

  • Guys i don’t get it why SpartanLax has 271 votes but he has less votes than me ?:) i don’t get it i counted those small square with hearths and he has about 158 votes ? What is going on?

  • @stenis SpartanLax got 271 votes, but many of the accounts that voted for him were flagged for use of the same IP address. Once an account is flagged, its picture does not appear and that is why you are not seeing all 271 avatars on @SpartanLax99’s entry. Further investigation led us to this conclusion: SpartanLax99 convinced many of his friends to sign up via our Facebook connect function and vote for him in the library and at other campus venues, which explains these accounts sharing the same IP.

    All that being said, official votes are still being tallied and we will announce the winner later this week in our Weekly Draw newsletter. Thanks to everyone involved!

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