Warrior… Football? [Updated]



If you’ve visited the Warrior Lacrosse website today, then you already know what this post is about.  If not, then let me fill you in. When you visit Warrior.com, you are greeted with a very interesting image:

Warrior Football website
Grrr. Football.

Warrior just got into football? That is quite the move. By now, we all know that several NFL players have been sporting lacrosse cleats throughout their season.  In this case, Marc Ingram wearing Warrior cleats this season stands out as an example that yes, Warrior is ready to enter football.  So I guess it really shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the leading manufacturers in hockey and lacrosse equipment would enter this market.  They have the padding down, the cleats and training shoes clearly measure up already, and they even produce a lot of performance apparel.

But all of that background info just brings up more interesting questions…

How involved will Warrior get with the football market?

How effective will Warrior be with brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok already heavily involved with football?

Is this a Warrior move, or a New Balance move THROUGH the Warrior brand? Both? Neither? 

It goes on and on like that.  I would certainly like to find out more about this development and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we learn more. What are YOUR initial thoughts on this? Sound off below!


After looking into some comments that some loyal readers made, we can add another question to the list:

Which football are we even talking about?



  1. Don’t think that an American Company would really call it “football” if they were meaning soccer… but, hey, maybe they’re attempting to make an appeal to their new European fans.

    Seems like lacrosse cleats work excellently for the skill positions in American football.  I bet you’ll see some receiver gloves and and they push their thermal/tech clothing.  Other than that, i wouldn’t expect too much from a first year company. 

    And, I love my TII, don’t get me wrong, but i don’t think that you can just jump into football helmet game the first year and expect to compete.  There’s a ton of helmet technology in football and i don’t think you can jump in with bike helmet foam and expect to put out a strong, safe product.