Wednesday Lacrosse Games To Watch

Stevenson Hampden Sydney Lacrosse
D3 ALWAYS has good Wednesday games!

If you’re looking for games on TV, look no further than our list of Televised 2012 Lacrosse games, but if you want to know ALL the games to keep an eye on this Wednesday, then I’ve got you covered right here!  The HopkinsManhattangame was played Tuesday and will be broadcast Wed, but that doesn’t count.  Plus Hop won 11-0. Game Highlights here.  Maybe the weirdest score line of the season so far.

But there’s REAL LIVE action going down this hump day. So stay in the know!

Stevenson Hampden Sydney Lacrosse
D3 ALWAYS has good Wednesday games!

Loyola heads to Michigan, and now that the Wolverines have a tight loss (OT to Jacksonville) and a solid win (good showing over Mercer) under their belts, I think they’ll level out and improve steadily.  Loyola should be heavily favored to win this one, but I like Michigan to play like a D1 team more and more, so it could be under 6 goals.  That’s a HUGE step if it proves true.

Fairfield at Quinnipiac is a good D1 CT rivalry game.  I like Fairfield to win by a couple though, breaking their trend of close games.  Hartford heads to Brown, and both of these teams are itching for a win here.  Brown lost to UMass, and Hartford lost to Denver by 1.  This should be a SUPER competitive game!

My top NCAA D2 game is Southern New Hampshire at Molloy.  SNHU is making moves and Molloy is a good team.  Can SNHU take it to the next level and win big here?  If they can, the future looks bright in New Hampshire.  It’s more of a future trending game, but interesting nonetheless!

Over on the MCLA side of things, we don’t always see as much action.  A lot of times the MCLA schools cram 2 or three games into a weekend, but there are still some games to watch for this Wednesday!  Florida at Oregon is going to be interesting, but not for the reasons that it might have been in the past.  In the past, UF – Oregon would have been a great game.  But this year Oregon should win.  Hands down.  But the question is, how will it happen?  Will they squeak out a win, or even lose a tight one?  Or will the Ducks come out and play ego-less team lacrosse and dominate, by just getting the job done in every possible way?  Games like this are a bigger test than some realize!

The other MCLA game I’d like to call out is Northeastern at Arizona.  I love seeing two quality programs from very distant locales mix it up once in a while!  Both of these teams are clearly good, and I like Arizona at home.  But a win for Northeastern could do a lot for their confidence and season overall.  I’m expecting a close game, or at least hoping for one.  After the BC losses though, I’m a little less sold on NE teams playing well out West!

In NCAA D3 lacrosse, we often get a great slate of Wednesday games. With good concentrations of talent in certain areas, and large conferences, there is always bound to be at least one good game on this special midweek day.  Cabrini Vs. Hampden-Sydney jumps out as a good contest right off the bat, and somehow I like Cabrini to win this one in a relatively low scoring affair.

Lycoming at Ithaca has some potential but I think the IC Bombers will roll in this one by 5+.  Skidmore has been a little up and down, but had talent, and their game with Haverford at Ridge HS in New Jersey should be a great test for both teams.  I like Skidmore in this one, but expect it to be tight.  St. John Fisher heads to OWU, and this will be a good game to gauge the overall strength of the NCAC. Finally, Widener heads to Steveonson and the Mustangs will win, but Widener could keep it close.  12-5 maybe?

What am I most excited for on Wednesdays?  Don’t be silly, you know the answer to that.  Midweek NESCAC games.  Nothing finer.

Got a game I missed? Disagree with one of my predictions? Let me know in the comments. Be compelling!