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Editor’s note: Chad Loescher, #41 attackman for Univ. of Oregon, will be contributing weekly to LAS, taking you behind the scenes and giving you a taste of what it’s like to be an MCLA laxer.

Welcome to the pond fellow lacrosse enthusiasts! Before I get started here rambling on about lacrosse and the other great stories that come along with it, I would like to give you a little background information about myself.


My name is Chad Loescher, I am a junior at the University of Oregon, I play on the lacrosse team, I’m #41 on the field, and I play attack and have been known to be a “secret weapon” for face-offs. This is currently my 7th year playing lacrosse (3rd year at the U of O) and I have loved every minute of it. Off the field I enjoy just about what every other college kid loves; friends, music, gaming, candy, “social gatherings,” food, movies, etc. Now that you know just a little about me, lets hop into what this post is mainly about, lacrosse.


This year has been really exciting for our lacrosse team here at U of O. As some of you may know we hired new co-head coaches for this season, Andrew Clough (offense) and John Wright (defense), who have really been able to help bring our team together and get us back on the track towards our goal of becoming national champions. Along with the new coaches came new captains. Our captains this year, seniors: Cole (LSM), Jon (M), Will (M), and junior: Justin (A), all have had great impacts on not only being leaders for our young team but have also served as great role models for what’s expected of us not only on but also off the field.So with a new line of coaches, captains, players, and attitudes, we are more prepared than ever to rise to the challenge.

The massive dome at St. Cloud State where we played BYU

To bring everyone up to date with how the season is going, we started off with a big 5 day trip to Minnesota to play against Duluth, Minnesota, and BYU. We ended up beating Minnesota and lost to both Duluth and BYU. This trip not only bring our team closer together but it was also provided a great learning experience for our young team to see what the top caliber MCLA teams are looking like this year and gave us a great look into what we need to fix to be able to compete at the top.

Shortly following the Minnesota trip (props to both Minnesota teams living there because it was just WAY too freezing for a West Coast guy like me), it was time to repack the bags, grab the DVDs, make the candy mix, and load up on the 24+ cumulative hour bus ride to head out and play Montana and Gonzaga.

We ended the weekend with a clean sweep and had lots of fun on the bus ride. If there has always been one thing that I have always looked forward to it would have to be the humor on the bus rides. I don’t know what other teams do to amuse theirselves but wow do us Ducks know how to keep a bus loaded with people up. I even think some of us spent more time yelling out random things at rookies on the bus and other random inside jokes than we did when it came to game time. Now we are back in Eugene and couldn’t be happier than ever to come back to the pond. The last two weeks we have been fixing the problems we had in the last five games and recovering from a plague of injuries that has swept through our team. After witnessing what it is going to take after our two road trips, things are looking a lot better; people are more focused, healthier, and more ready than ever to do what it takes to get things done.


Now let’s take a step back from the season and onto something a little more offbeat. When presented with the opportunity to start making posts every week for this site, I had no clue what to do for laughs (This might strike some players on my team as odd because I’m the one usually cracking jokes and trying to keep the atmosphere fun). So starting next week, I will be having special guest interviews with people of my choosing then posting the interview up each week.

Sour SghettiAlso at the end of each post I will be having a recommended candy for you all to try. One thing I have been known for on this team is making candy mixes for long road trips and when I say a candy mix I mean POUNDS of candy. Also if you have any ideas of your own or questions / comments I would really appreciate to hear from you. My contact information will always be posted at the end of each post so feel free to shoot me and email and who knows, maybe you’ll see one of your questions or comments pop up. Well looks like times running out in the pond so until next week lacrosse enthusiasts, stay classy!

Weekly Candy Recommendation: Sour Sghetti made by Haribo (TRY FROZEN!!!)

Contact Information: cloescher87@gmail.com

(This is a picture of me sophomore year spring break in Colorado with the famous candy mix)


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