We’re Going To Play Syracuse!


Yesterday it was announced that a team of NYC-based Lacrosse All Stars would be taking on the Syracuse Stingers on Thursday, February 21st, in Syracuse, NY, at the Oncenter War Memorial Arena. As you may have guessed from the NYC team’s name, that team is us.

Neal Powless contacted me just a few shorts weeks ago, when a team the Stingers were scheduled to play backed out. Neal had seen our fledgling NYC box league online (run by ULAX!), and thought we would make an interesting, and hopefully competitive, opponent for his Syracuse squad. I immediately said “Yes” to his proposition, and then realized I needed to get a team of All-Stars together.

So far, we’ve pulled players from Team LAS, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and Gotham GOATS, and hope to get one or two from the Bank of Tokyo, like the older Wenk brother. We’ll practice a couple of times to work on some stuff, and obviously get some professional level jerseys made up, so the fans get the full experience. We’ll bring some athleticism, and some raw talent, but not an overwhelming amount of box experience. Most of our guys have been playing box for three seasons or less.

Whatever happens on the floor, we can’t wait to get up there to play. We’d like to thank Neal Powless and the Syracuse Stringers in advance of our trip for inviting us to play, and we’re sure we’ll learn a thing or two in the process! Sometimes you grow the game, and sometimes the game grows you.

Neal Powless and the Stingers…

Tickets for this exhibition game are available now! Head on over to Ticketmaster For more information, by calling 303-7261 or for tickets, or by visiting ticketmaster.com.