What’s In The Box?


Right now, my lacrosse loving cat, Albie, is in the box. What was in the box before he took it over? TONS OF LACROSSE STUFF!

Epoch Lacrosse shafts in a multitude of varieties.

Warrior Evo Pro (Evo4) head.

Brine Clutch Elite head.

Throne Mesh: Shamrock and two-tone.

Custom Leather materials, also from Throne.

If you could only have one... which would you choose?
If you could only have one… which would you choose?

It all came in so fast, so I threw it all together. Mixing and matching is fine.

Man oh man… my high school players sure are lucky. It’s going to be like Christmas in April!

I’ll have a bunch of gear reviews coming up for most of this stuff soon, so stay tuned.

Which Stick Is Your Favorite?