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1-On-1 With Trevor Tierney: Early Lacrosse Recruiting

Our new 1-on-1 Podcast Series is kicking off with Trevor Tierney, and it involves a discussion that hits on all the major aspects of early recruiting in college lacrosse. Tierney has a ton of valuable insight to share as a former player, current coach, and man about lacrosse. He’s seen the game, and how recruiting works for colleges, for over a decade, and can also draw on his old man’s experience!

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It’s great to get such an in-depth and passionate conversation to kick things off. If you have someone you’d like to see as our next 1-on-1 guest, let us know and we’ll try to make it happen!

In the meantime, you’ll definitely want to check out Tier Lacrosse’s blog, where Trevor gets even more of his thoughts out. Tierney has great perspective through experience, and blends idealism with reality neatly. It’s well worth the read.