11 Ways To Blow Up Pro Lacrosse on Television


Future of lacrosse on tv


There are people out there with VALUABLE opinions and it’s great when they make their voice heard. What ideas do you have for the MLL? ESPN? Is Major League Lacrosse even an ESPN-caliber product? I believe wholeheartedly that it is, but there seem to be an equal number of doubters these days. Spill your guts in the comments section below!

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  1. Number 11 sounds pretty awesome, but to really step it during the game they could do a “choice of weapon” sort of thing, and they can show the player that scored and it’ll say what stick he’s playing with, how he likes the pocket, and what he looks for most when dodging or checking or looking for the shot. because every player varies whether its a little or a lot. So that’d help give people insight on how the pro’s play. 

  2. ESPN needs to include more lacrosse highlights in their daily Top 10 lists. I am much more impressed and entertained by a behind the back shot than an outfielder catching a pop fly. I know there are hundreds of lacrosse plays that could easily make the list but there’s gotta be a easier way to get them considered.
    I also love the idea of having a shot mph clock.

    • I understand this comment, but you have to step back and appreciate an ESPN editor’s dilemma when facing the day’s activity in the world of sports.  There are passionate fans of so many sports that work in Bristol fighting hard to get sports more “face time” on the mothership network. 

      Look at soccer.  For years it has languished, but over the last 18 months I’ve seen a sea-change in coverage following the World Cup and MLS expansion.  Granted part of that is due in part to ESPN owning coverage rights for those two entities.  Nevertheless, soccer has fought long and hard for coverage, and it only beginning to scratch the surface of exposure on ESPN.

      Lacrosse has supporters in Bristol.  If it didn’t you wouldn’t see ANY highlights in Top Plays, and you wouldn’t see people like Rob Pannell nominated for an ESPY (notice it wasn’t Steele Stanwick, people who know the sport are making decisions there).  Be patient.  Our coverage on ESPN will come. 

      Our sport’s exposure is due in large part to growth at the NCAA D1 and professional level.  Can you honestly say our sport has grown at either level in the past five years?  I see a net negative decrease in teams.  Yes, the economy sucks, but my point still stands: when lacrosse can support growth through ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, etc. then coverage will grow.

  3. Do anything and everything to get it into every market possible. Work to change the NCAA rules to match the MLL rules. Make it an Olympic sport ASAP. Better on field / close-up camera angles of the action. 
    The teams already do great with getting youth lacrosse players to the games. This is the #1 key to future success.
    Find more players to represent the sport, Paul Rabil can’t do all by himself.

  4. I enjoyed watching the games on ESPN3.  On quick solution would be to actually make the shot-clock visible to television viewers.  They do this in basketball.  As a viewer I felt in the dark not knowing how much time was on the shot-clock.  They only way I knew was if Q or Joe said how much time was left on the clock, which they didn’t always do.  Just put it on the screen for me to see.