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2012 Bowhunter Cup Preview

Team USA and the Iroquois Nationals head to Syracuse in two weeks for the annual Bowhunter Cup. It’s box lacrosse at its finest! Connor breaks down the rosters and previews the event.

The Bowhunter Cup has quickly become a fantastic annual box lacrosse event between the USA and the Iroquois. Each year the game provides a chance for both nations to try out some new guys and get a great international box game under their belts. For the fans, it provides a great chance to see high level international box action, and the draw the game receives should continue to improve.

The Bowhunter Cup kicked off in 2o10, was played in Syracuse, NY and the US won the inaugural game 13-11. In 2011, the Iroquois won the Bowhunter 14-13 on the Oneida Reservation, after defeating the USA 11-10 in Prague at the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships.

As you can see, the last three games were really tight, and the same is expected for the 2012 version of the Bowhunter.

Let’s take a look at the rosters for both teams, shall we?


Offense: Cody Jamieson, Brett Bucktooth, Craig Point, Johnny Powless, Alex “Kedoh” Hill, Andy Secore and Seth Oakes. Transition & Defense: Jeff Shattler, Sid Smith, Tom Montour, Jeremy Thompson, Brandon Francis, Travis Hill, Mike Lazore, Marty Hill, Holdon Vyse, Isaiah Kicknosaway and Ron Cogan. Goalies: Mike Thompson and Angus Goodleaf.

It’s almost Bowhunter Cup time!

United States Roster

Offense: Casey Powell, Max Seibald, Joe Walters, Grant Catalino, David Earl, Joe Resetarits and Brett Queener. Defense: Mitch Belisle, Kyle Hartzell, Joe Smith, Matt Lovejoy and Mike Manley. Transition: Tom Guadagnolo, Brice Queener, Ryan Hotaling, Joel White, Donny Moss and Andrew Spack. Goalies: Jake Henhawk and Erik Miller.

Both the US and the Iroquois’ rosters are loaded with big names and proven commodities. On offense, both teams have some potent scorers, and the transition and defensive players for both teams are tough, athletic and can push the ball when needed.

I’m interested to see who takes the face offs for the USA, and think Ryan Hotaling could see some action there. Most likely, he’ll face Brandon Francis and Jeremy Thompson at the X. Both teams have also brought strong goaltending to the event, and it should be a good battle to see who has the edge for the WILC in 2015 so far.

The game will be back in Syracuse this year, and goes down on October 13th at 8pm at the Blue Cross Arena. Tickets range from $18 to $30 and group pricing will reduce ticket costs to $13 to $22.

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