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2013 Brawl in McCall Lacrosse Tournament

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend, and participate in, my first Brawl in McCall. The Brawl is a fairly small tournament on the beautiful Payette Lake, a few hours north of Boise, Idaho. McCall is a lake community and summer destination spot for many people from the Pacific Northwest to get away to. I went into the event with only an open mind, my stripes, my gear bag, and a GoPro.

I planned to shoot a bunch of footage with my rig, but when I found out I was scheduled to officiate seven games in two days, and there were a few open roster spots, I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to get game footage, so next best thing? GoPro it up.

The Brawl is mostly post-collegiate guys with a few current NCAA and MCLA players thrown in the mix. Although it was one of the most relaxed lacrosse events I have ever been a part of, the greater majority of the guys came to win, and every game was played with some serious intensity.

How do you think his wrists felt?
How do you think his wrists felt?

[Game Photos courtesy of Jami Blea and the Brawl in McCall FB Page]

2013 marked the 10th annual Brawl in McCall [EN: Quite the feat for a lacrosse tournament in Idaho!]. Overall, it is what you make of it. If you want to go all out to win Olde Tad’s Cup, you will meet some aggressive resistance, but if your plan is to chill out and get in a good weekend of lax, you can fit right in too.

Brawl in McCall hit
I pick things up and put them down.

I drove up on Saturday, the first day of games, and by the look of everyone in the morning, Friday night must have been a good time for those who arrived early to McCall. Every team was guaranteed four games, and the two teams with the best records and/or goal differential would meet for the championship.

Brawl in McCall BBQ

After the first day of war, a barbecue was held for all of the teams and officials, so of course we didn’t miss out on free meat and drinks! Most everyone took to The Yacht Club after, for more memorable (that’s questionable) shenanigans.

Morning in McCall
My morning in McCall.

Sunday morning, I found myself up bright and early, somehow, so I drove until I found a spot to sit and enjoy the sunrise on Payette Lake.

Brawl Faceoff
One of my favorite faceoff battles of the weekend.

I went in with an open mind and just tried to soak it all up. That is what every Brawl first timer should do. To me, it seems that the event is primarily a vacation, but it doesn’t lack quality lacrosse. Put this one on your bucket list, because the scenery, competition, and party are unparalleled.

Scallywags Lacrosse

The tournament host squad, Scallywags LC, brought Olde Tad’s cup back to Boise after taking last year’s champions, Issaquah (WA), down with a last minute minute goal by none other than our very own, Krieg Shaw. The back and forth battle was incredible, both teams played an almost perfectly clean game, but the ‘Wags would come out on top 7-6.

Palo Alto Ducks
Ducks Dynasty
Palo Alto Ducks
Ducks Dynasty

Palo Alto LC from California, aka the Ducks, were voted (by me) to be the ‘Best Dressed’ team from the weekend.

Make sure to ‘Like’ the Brawl in McCall Lacrosse Tournament Facebook page to remind yourself for next year, the Brawl in McCall is a tournament that can’t be missed!

I hope to make it back to good ole McCall year after year, there is so much to do in that small town that I haven’t had the chance to take advantage of yet, any one up for curling?