2015 all wilc team chad culp
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2015 All WILC Team – LaxAllStars.com Teams

Welcome to the LaxAllStars.com 2015 All WILC Team! We saw a ton of action from the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships, and most of it was live and in person. We saw big time players do big things across the board, and across the divisions, so we will offer up a TWO Blue Division Teams, and Red Division Team, AND a Green Division Team. All in one post. Get ready for all-star team mayhem!

Photo Credit: Jeff Melnik

2015 All WILC Blue Div. 1st Team

This is a list of the top dogs. The best of the best, or at least as we saw it. Sure, the FIL has their own official list, but that doesn’t mean there can only be one All-Star team, does it? It does not. So here’s our take on the Top 5 players, and our 2015 WILC MVP

Goalie – Matt Vinc – Vinc was in net for the Gold medal game, and had an 85% save rate in 6 games. He was stellar in between the pipes, and looked confident and in control at all times. Great performance!
Defense – Dan Coates & Kyle Rubisch – The two Canadians I named were part of a relentless squad of defenders possessing size, athleticism, and great chemistry. Picking two is tough, and these are the two I picked. Coates for his draw work and relentless pressure, and Rubisch for knocking down shots and locking down shifty players. Pick two different guys if you want, they were all pretty superb!
Transition – Pavel Dosly – Maybe you think I’m insane for picking Dosly here, but the man was everywhere for the Czech Republic, playing defense, pushing transition, and scoring points (5 goals, 8 assists) when he took offensive runs. He gave a young Czech D some stability. Surprising pick? That’s why you’re here!
Offense – Shawn Evans & Jeff ShattlerEvans was phenomenal and showed such a diverse set of skills that he was named official WILC MVP, and you know what? I can’t argue with that. Shawn Evans gets my LAS MVP as well. 2 for 2, plus a gold medal. Not bad! Shattler was a dangerous man out there at all times. He showed off an uncanny ability to mix shots with his overhand motion, and dished out 21 assists to top 33 points over the week. Shattler was an All-WILC official transition team player, but I think he was more of an offensive gem for the Iroquois.

2015 All WILC Team

2015 All WILC Team

2015 All WILC Blue Div. 2nd Team

Goalie – Nick Rose – Rose withstood a barrage of shots and played in 6 games for England, topping a ton of minutes. At 275 saves, he led the Blue Division in action faced, and by a considerable margin.
Defense – Sid Smith & Brett Manney – Smith was a rock for the Iroquois, a leader on the floor, and a presence for the entire run. Manney was a monster out there, and shows an ability to play at a slightly faster level than many of those around him. I was really impressed by his play all week.
Transition – Jeremy Thompson – Thompson won 63% of his draws, took 106 during the week, and while he didn’t score many points (1 assist), he did make his presence felt. He got the ball forward more than most draw guys, and created good loose ball chances on other. When he got the ball, he got it to his offense with near perfect reliability.
Offense – Dominik Pesek & Lyle Thompson – Pesek bore as much of an offensive burden for the Czechs as any one man at the tourney. He scored big goals against Blue Division opponents, and six against an experienced English goalie showed what he can do. 24 goals and 8 assists is pretty darn good! Garrett Gilpin asked me why I didn’t include Cole Shaffer (England) and it’s fair question. Shaffer was huge too, but I had to pick one! Thompson was electric all week, and any time he touched the ball the crowd rose in anticipation. Lyle met the challenge, dropped a balanced 16 goals and 14 assists, and scored some magnificent markers.

2015 All WILC Team

2015 All WILC Team – Green Div.

Goalie – Zach Higgins – Higgins led Israel to a fourth place finish in their first ever WILC, and he did so without many long-time box players in front of him. Israel was tenacious to be sure, but Higgins was the best player on his team, and his play helped propel Israel to an extremely impressive finish.
Defense – Dominic Schüler & Andrew McBride – Schüler won draws for Germany, but also played a lot of very good defense for this young and emerging program. McBride was a rock for Ireland, and he mixed it up, caused turnovers, and showed his experience all tourney long.
Transition – Ilija Gajic  – Gajic put up 11 goals 12 assists for Serbia, and he also went 27-40 on draws, and did a lot of work on both ends of the floor throughout the tourney to buoy an inexperienced Serbian team.
Offense – Chad Culp and Stephen Keogh – Culp was instrumental in Israel’s offense, and not only when it came to scoring goals or getting assists. He settled the team down, gave them confidence, and helped fuel their run on the offensive end of the floor. Keogh was a scoring machine for Ireland and put up 19 goals and 21 assists while giving it his all every time on the floor. Like Culp, he gave the Irish a noticeable edge and presence in the games. (Thanks to Stephen Stamp for alerting me to the previous misspelling of “Keough”. It was a long week. Thanks Stamper!)

2015 All WILC Team

2015 All WILC Team – Red Div.

Goalie – Scott Komer – Komer saw a ton of shots all week long, and by all week long I mean 8 tough games. He gave up 92 goals, which seems like a lot… until you learn he also made 300 saves, for a 77% percentage. All of this with a young and inexperienced (and oft-man down) defense equaled a yeoman’s work, and Komer rose to the task. Somehow.
Defense – Keith Nyberg & Joakim Miller – Nyberg was a veteran presence for Australia, and also put in some goals for the Aussies when called upon. Ton of experience, and well deserving of the honor. Miller was a loose ball machine, got the ball up the floor quickly for Finland, and used his size and speed well.
Transition – Anthony Terranova – Terranova didn’t have a true position, because he rarely came off the floor for Turkey. He played a ton of D, and also scored a WILC LEADING 42 goals and 25 assists in 8 games. He came off the floor half as many times as points he scored per game. Think about that. Do the math. I’ll do it for you. He came off the floor about 5 times per game. Unreal motor and scorer.
Offense – Dave Deriso & Caleb Hall – Deriso was the other half of Turkey’s scoring machine, and his 34 goals and 17 assists gave him second place in overall scoring. So Turkey had the WILC’s two leading scorers. Deriso shot the ball well, dove for some beauties, and was always ready to put one away if he got the chance. Hall was an offensive juggernaut for Australia, and his 21 goals and 19 assists led the Aussies, and were good for 6th in overall scoring. Hall loves the dive, but he also loves coming up with a dirty work loose ball. He had a great tourney and led Australia offensively.

For a whole lot more 2015 WILC coverage, including photos, videos, and much more, stay tuned to the 2015 WILC link on LaxAllStars.com. The good stuff is only just starting to come, so stay tuned!!!