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FIL Lacrosse Lines
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2018 FIL Lacrosse Lines – Day 1 & 2 Results

First let’s take a look at the original 2018 FIL Lacrosse Lines, and how they played out. Did the predicted winner win? Did they beat or cover the predicted spread? After a quick run through of all that, I’ll get to the next set of games and make more predictions and set some new FIL Lacrosse Lines!

Stay up to date on TODAY’s lacrosse lines, and all of the daily lines, HERE)

As a refresher, here is my methodology: I provide the match up, pick a winner, then decide by how many goals they will win. In the first game I had Hong Kong winning by 5 and 1/2 goals, meaning to beat the spread they had to win by 6 or more. For Luxembourg to cover the spread, they had to lose by 5 or less goals, or win. In the end, Hong Kong won BIG, 20-1, and more than covered the 5.5 goal spread. Luxembourg did score the first goal of the tourney though!

Games where I picked the winner will be highlighted in BOLD. Games where I got the winner wrong will be highlighted in RED… if there are any. Feeling confident so far, but things only get harder from here.

2018 World Lacrosse Championship Lines

Wednesday July 11th FIL Lacrosse Lines

Hong Kong v Luxembourg – HK by 5.5 goals – Hong Kong won 20-1, beating the spread.

Thursday July 12th FIL Lacrosse Lines

Israel v Jamaica – ISR by 7.5 goals – Israel won 11-3, beating the spread by .5 goals.
Netherlands v Norway – NOR by 2.5 goals – Norway won 14-6, beating the spread by 5.5 goals.
Germany v Korea – GER by 13.5 goals – Germany won 19-5, beating the spread by .5 goals.
Ireland v China – IRL by 10.5 goals – Ireland won 18-3, beating the spread by 4.5 goals.
Sweden v Argentina – SWE by 11.5 goals – Sweden won 13-5. Argentina covered the spread.
New Zealand v Spain – NZ by 9.5 goals – New Zealand won 9-5. Spain covered the spread.
Finland v Austria – FIN by 12.5 goals – Finland won 11-7. Austria covered the spread.
Czech Rep. v Belgium – CZE by 3.5 goals – Czechs won 15-8, beating the spread by 3.5 goals.
Switzerland v Slovakia – SWI by 8.5 goals – Switzerland won 10-6. Slovakia covered the spread.
Wales v Bermuda – WAL by 5.5 goals – Wales won 8-4. Bermuda covered the spread 1.5 goals.
Italy v Turkey – ITA by 6.5 goals – Italy won 16-8, beating the spread by 1.5 goals.
Latvia v Mexico – LAT by 10.5 goals – Latvia won 13-10. Mexico covered the spread.
Poland v Uganda – POL by 4.5 goals – Poland won 16-4, beating the spread by 7.5 goals.

Thursday Blue Division Game FIL Lacrosse Line

USA Vs Iroquois – USA by 6.5 goals – USA won 17-9, beating the spread by 1.5 goals.

Every single one of my predicted winners ended up winning. That’s a good start! Of the fifteen games I predicted lines for, 10 teams won by larger margins than predicted, and 5 teams won by smaller margins than predicted. 4 games (bolded spread covers above) were correctly predicted within a 2-goal margin of error, and 8 games were correctly predicted within a 5-goal margin of error. For some lopsided scores in the early rounds, this is actually pretty solid, if I do say so myself.

And I do say so.

Can you do better? Start making predictions with goal margins and give it a shot! More than anything it’s a fun challenge.

As the games below play out, I will update this post with more info.

Have you been watching games on ESPN channels and ESPN+? You really should be!

Friday July 13th FIL Lacrosse Lines

Jamaica v Russia – JAM by 9.5 goals
Norway v Japan – JPN by 8.5 goals
Korea v France – FRA by 1.5 goals
China v Denmark – DEN by 2.5 goals
Argentina v Hungary – HUN by 4.5 goals
Spain v Croatia – SPA by 4.5 goals
Austria v Colombia – AUS by 5.5 goals
Philippines v Czech Republic – PHI by 2.5 goals
Slovakia v Taiwan – SLO – PUSH! Neither team is favored here!
Puerto Rico v Wales – PR by 4.5 goals
Turkey v Peru – Peru by .5 goals
Mexico v Greece – GRE by 4.5 goals
Poland v Hong Kong – HK – PUSH! Another game without a favorite!
Luxembourg v Uganda – UGA by 1.5 goals

Friday Blue Division FIL Lacrosse Lines

Australia Vs Scotland – AUS by 3.5 goals
Canada Vs England – CAN by 12.5 goals

Saturday July 14th FIL Lacrosse Lines

Russia v Israel – ISR by 14.5 goals
Japan v Netherlands – JPN by 11.5 goals
France v Germany – GER by 9.5 goals
Denmark v Ireland – IRL by 9.5 goals
Hungary v Sweden – SWE by 5.5 goals
Croatia v New Zealand – NZ by 11.5 goals
Colombia v Finland – FIN by 14.5 goals
Belgium v Philippines – PHI by 6.5 goals
Taiwan v Switzerland SWI by 9.5 goals
Bermuda v Puerto Rico – PR by 9.5 goals
Peru v Italy – ITA by 9.5 goals
Greece v Latvia – LAT by 8.5 goals
Luxembourg v Poland – POL by 8.5 goals
Hong Kong v Uganda – HK by 4.5 goals

Saturday Blue Division FIL Lacrosse Lines

USA Vs Australia – USA by 13.5 goals
Iroquois Vs England – IRO by 8.5 goals
Canada Vs Scotland – CAN by 13.5 goals