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How Do 2020 MLL Rosters Compare to 2019 Playoffs? heacock - 2019 mll season schedule
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2019 MLL Season Begins After Memorial Day

The league has announced the 2019 MLL season will begin after Memorial Day to further focus on its players. In an effort to better accommodate its rookies, and those MLL players who are currently NCAA coaches, the 2019 schedule will shift to a post Memorial Day start, beginning on Friday, May 31, 2019.

Since I joined MLL, I have made it a point to speak with many of our players to learn more about their ideas to improve league play. By moving the season’s opener back from our traditional April start, we are allowing players to wrap up their other commitments before Opening Night. We are also thrilled that this upcoming rookie class will be able to join their teams at the start of the season.

– MLL Commissioner Alexander Brown

MLL has made some significant advancements to the league during the 2018 offseason. Recently, MLL owners voted unanimously to approve three significant changes to the league, all designed to invest in its players and further enhance the quality of competition on the field. The owners voted to approve an increase in the salary cap, an expansion of the game schedule, and the addition of one player to the game day active roster (GDAR).

The new schedule start date better reflects the lifestyle of today’s MLL player. MLL leadership has clearly listened to the concerns of their players and made strides to address those concerns. The changes announced a few weeks ago were a good first step. This schedule shift shows continued commitment by the league. I am excited to get a full season with the Bayhawks’ rookie class in 2019.

– Chesapeake Bayhawks midfielder Colin Heacock

The full 2019 MLL season schedule will be released later this year at All other changes noted above have already been implemented, so MLL fans and sponsors will see the results before the start of the 2019 season.