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2020 PLL Season
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Fate of The 2020 PLL Season

The global pandemic and recent news of Major League Lacrosse suspending its 2020 start date have caused many to question the fate of the 2020 PLL Season. Will this new league’s second season be put on hold?

Luckily for fans of the game like us, the PLL recognizes the importance of transparency and put its CEO and founder, Mike Rabil, in the hot seat yesterday to give a “State of the League” address!

Here’s what we learned from Mike:

The most important thing as we go through these unprecedented times is the health and safety of our players. As we think through what the 2020 is going to look like, we have 3 main buckets…

The first one:

The full season starting May 29th at Gillette.

The second:

A later start date, but still the full season.

The third:

We’re evaluating a later start date with an abbreviated season.

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Fate of 2020 PLL Season: In Your Hands!

We thought it’d be fun (and interesting!) to hold a reader poll for this occasion – to let you vote on which option is best for the league. Click here or on the image below to vote now!

2020 pll season vote

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