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4 Things Every Young Lacrosse Player Should Know

My name is Joel White. I’m a professional lacrosse player with the PLL Chrome and act as the Brand Manager for the BSN Sports Lacrosse Division. When I went out to meet with 36 Lacrosse as part of our Coaching outreach, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to see how receptive the kids were to some life lessons I decided to share with them. We had a great session of dropping some lacrosse knowledge on the young lacrosse players, and I could tell the kids were just as eager to learn about what it takes to be successful off-the-field at the next level.

Here’s what we discussed:

When Coach Is Talking, Everybody Is Learning

It’s simple. Learn about your position and team concepts from your coach. Even if you think something doesn’t apply to you, it may help you see the game in a different way. Offense, learn from the defensive coaches so you know what you are up against. Defense, learn about the offense so that you know how to slow down your opponent.

First And Foremost: Have A Ton Of Fun

Having fun is the most important part of the game. If you’re not having fun playing it, then why play? The way you are going to be successful at this sport is by having a passion for it. It doesn’t mean you don’t work hard — quite the opposite. Having that desire to learn and to enjoy the game of lacrosse means that you are going to put in the work necessary to be successful.

When you’re on or off the lacrosse field, work hard while having fun. If you can do that, then you know you’ve found something you’re going to be successful at.

Don’t Take Things For Granted

You have a lot of people in your life providing you with the opportunity to play lacrosse. Don’t take it for granted. It may not seem like a big thing, but tell your parents and coaches thank you. They will appreciate your gratitude. It also shows that you truly love the sport and recognize all of the work people have done before you to allow you to be where you are now. This is incredibly important for young people to understand. This is something I wish I would have been able to have understood earlier in my life.

Work When No One Is Watching

Do the little things like hitting the wall everyday. Practice ground balls. Spend your free time at a net shooting. Don’t do it because your coach or parent told you to. Do it because you want to. That will make you great. Having that attitude will take you far, not only in lacrosse, but in life. This is something that every young lacrosse player needs to understand.

These are the things that it takes to be successful in life and in lacrosse. The great thing is, the guys at 36 Lacrosse get it. It is the clubs like them that make me proud to be doing what I am doing with BSN Sports.

What are some lessons that you feel make you successful in lacrosse and at life? Share in the comments.

Learn more about the legendary Joel White here.