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5 Thoughts From The PLL So Far

The PLL season is off to a hot start but now takes a brief hiatus to allow the focus of the lacrosse world to shift to the World Games. The international competition kicks off Wednesday but before it does, let’s take a look at 5 the PLL season through week three.

5 Thoughts From The PLL So Far

1. The League Has Incredible Momentum

From a pure numbers standpoint things are trending well for the PLL. The attention on the league has never been higher and it’s resulted in staggering numbers.

2. There Is More Than Enough Talent For Expansion

Expansion is a popular topic for fans of the league and the sport in general. We see other professional leagues with 30+ teams and we think, why not more PLL teams? The short explanation is money. The league needs to keep trending toward profitability before adding additional expenses. With news that teams will be attached to a home city, we think a 9th team is possible, allowing the schedule to provide 5 games per weekend.

3. Parity Is At An All Time High

The talent and performance gap is at an all time low, meaning teams are as equal as we’ve ever seen.

4. Rule Changes

This season the PLL added some new rules, specifically changing the shot clock to 32 seconds off of a faceoff possession and also on an offensive possession reset. We love the reset on offense but we hate the faceoff shot clock. As Trevor Baptiste said after week one, the team that wins the faceoff is essentially being punished because they have to rush their offensive possession. If we want to display the best product possible, we should have the best offensive players on the field, meaning we should add a few seconds to get the fogo’s and wing players off, and the world class scorers on.

5. Lacrosse Is Built For Sportscenter

Every week we see another highlight on sportscenter. Instead of the same play every day from baseball or softball, we get to see guys like Ryder Garnsey or Xander Dickson show the entire sporting world how talented lacrosse players are.