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What If the PLL Put Teams in Cities?

On this week’s podcast, Nick and Ryan are joined by intern Nick “Peaches” Pietras to take a Rabil soundclip and overreact creating a PLL with teams placed in cities.

WHAT IF THE PLL Put Teams in Cities?

So it started off by us watching Paul Rabil on Late Night with Seth Myers:

At one point, Seth asks why the PLL is a touring model, and after some thorough explanation from Rabil, Paul did mention that in the future it could be a city-based model. This all of the info we needed as we then jumped into discussions of which teams would fit where.

Each of us had our own motivation for picking locations, some of us based it on team identity/mascot/logo, while others did it based on roster makeup and head coaches. We even took into account which former MLL teams could possibly return and does that impact what cities we put the current eight teams?

Ultimately, we came up with a few unanimous decisions but also outlandish and unrealistic ones as well.

The entire process was fun, and I encourage you to listen to the conversations on the pod below:

In Other News

Syracuse officially named Dave Pietramala as the new defensive coordinator, helping newly hired head coach Gary Gait to make one of the most outrageous coaching staffs of all time. As avid lacrosse fans, we know they are excellent coaches, former players, and ambassadors of the game, but how much weight do their names carry amongst youth lacrosse players? Time will tell but one thing is for sure: the Syracuse faithful are fired up for what could be.

Clemson caught most of the lacrosse world off guard by announcing its addition of a women’s lacrosse program in 2022-2023. This means the program will have one full year to recruit if it hires a coach ASAP. The guys throw out a few fun names who could possibly be a good fit at Clemson, and while they’re probably way off, it’s fun to theorize the new hire.