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2014 Ales Hrebesky Video
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9 Wonderful Minutes – 2014 Ales Hrebesky Video

It’s never too late for a little 2014 Ales Hrebesky Video! It may take Jan Barák a little longer than the rest of us to make his videos about the annual Ales Hrebesky Memorial box lacrosse tournament. Why is this the case? Because he makes box lacrosse FILMS and not videos. There is a difference!

Check out Jan Barak’s latest masterpiece below, and watch out for yours truly running the ball up the floor at the 2:08 mark in the video. I look tired! You can also see other lacrosse dudes you might know like Throne of String, Brandon Francis, Gewas Schindler, Brad MacArthur, Frank Menschner, Chief, Radek Skala, and many, many more.

It’s a visual delight. Enjoy!

2014 Ales Hrebesky Video

As I said above, Jan Barak makes films and not videos. But if you want to see some more 2014 Ales Hrebesky box lacrosse videos, we’ve got you covered! Check out a couple of the better videos from last year’s tourney below:

MORE 2014 Ales Hrebesky Video

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Are you going to the 22nd annual Ales Hrebesky Memorial this year? We’ve been over there for the tourney for the last three years and don’t see how we can miss it this year either. It’s simply WAY too good to pass up!

Here are a couple additional videos from past year’s from Jan Barak and his brother Vlad. The man sure can operate a camera and edit a video!!!!

And here is my video from 2013. Always good to remember these trips! Also, Scotty Komer is hysterical.

Ok, who’s going to Prague for 2015? It’s a big trip from North America, takes up a couple of vacation days, and you’ll be beat up and tired for weeks afterwards. WELL WORTH IT!

Box lacrosse for the win. Radotin for the win. MAH 2015 for the win. Enjoy your Friday, get after it (it being lacrosse) this weekend and get ready for the Spring. It’s coming up quick!