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ACC Lacrosse: Conference Uniform Rankings

With lacrosse season back in full swing, it is time to start taking a deep look at teams, specifically, the threads on their backs. Let’s dive into the ACC lacrosse conference and see how their uniforms stack up.

This week, we are taking a look at the ACC uniform combinations and see where they rank amongst their fellow ACC schools. The conference saw big jersey design changes this year so there has never been a better time to rank the uniforms.

Regardless, these jerseys are only as good the men wearing them. It should be exciting to see if one of these jersey combos are hoisting a trophy in May.

ACC Lacrosse Conference Uniform Rankings

5. Virginia

For some, this will be the hardest take of the article. Virginia is unmatched when it comes to talent on the lacrosse field, but Virginia hands down has some of the most boring uniforms in college lacrosse.  Compared to the Virginia that had an elite three sleeveless-jersey rotation, this is a severe regression.  

Aside from the lack of color in the jerseys and the ACC lacrosse patch being on the sleeve, my biggest gripe with this jersey is the awkward stripes leading from the neck down to the arms. That aside, I actually did love the font choice used and the number style as well. 

As for the shorts, they could not have been more basic. A Virginia logo and a colored stripe… 

I am all for the classic looks from programs in the lacrosse world like Penn State, but there is nothing “classic” about this.  It is just outright boring. 


4. Syracuse

Syracuse is another program that typically takes the lead in innovations with uniforms. They were the first program I saw wear the Nike “Volt” color and they were one of the first teams to go sleeveless along with Virginia. 

This year, Syracuse opted for a much cleaner and classic look compared to recent seasons. While it is still a little plain for my taste, there was a lot I liked. 

For starters, I love the font choice on the letter and number style. The previous jersey had an awkward font and number style to it that I always felt made the numbers a little harder to read. The new jerseys have very clean lines and lettering on the words and numbers.  Additionally I love the subtle difference between the white and orange jerseys with the white jersey having the word “Orange” stitched across the front, and the orange jerseys having “Syracuse”. 

Lastly, I love the names on the backs of the Orange jerseys, simply because you do not see it often in college sports but especially in lacrosse. 

However, like Virginia, I hate how boring the short design is. With Syracuse being a Nike elite school, I like to see them push the tempo, but considering the goal for the year was clean-classics, I think they hit the mark. 


3. Duke

Coming in hot at number three are the Duke Blue Devils and the reason is simple: they have options on options. 

Between the multiple combinations Duke brings out between blue, black, and white jersey and shorts, Duke is limitless in options. But Duke’s two different white jersey options were one of my favorites this year.

The first white jersey with the blue numbers has been seen in prior seasons, but I still love the design. Most specifically, the perforated numbers on the uniforms because they really add a visual element to the jerseys not seen in most jerseys.  

The next all white jersey is a little more classic in style, but still brings flare and dimension by adding three stripes in alternating sizes to both arms wrapping the jersey sleeve. 

Both jerseys pair great with their blue or white shorts creating a perfect gameday look. 


2. Notre Dame

Notre Dame comes in strong at number two. The reason for Notre Dame’s number two ranking comes from the strong clean lines and gold accents in their uniform. Notre Dame is the only Under Armor school in the ACC lacrosse field and they bring a unique uniform design with them.

The white Notre Dame uniforms feature strong stitching throughout the jersey, staring with the big UA logo right at the throat, following down to the blue letters and numbers edges with a thick gold embroidering. The jerseys also feature the ACC logo and American flag on opposite sides of the chest, which is a nice touch

 Additionally, the sleeves also feature two stripes alternating colors as well. Another simple touch that brings a lot of definition to the uniform as a whole. 

The away jerseys follow the same design concept, but with a more navy blue and gold dominated colorway. This design echoes the same features as the home jersey, and is just as visually pleasing as the home jerseys.


1.University of North Carolina

At the top of the list, we have the Carolina Tar Heels. The reason for UNC being at the top is due to the design elements and attention to detail in everything they do.

At first look, the jersey looks similar to a lot of the others. However, the seamless design pattern of intersecting diamonds that flow from the side of the jersey down onto the side of the shorts is something unseen in any of the other ACC lacrosse uniforms. Most other uniform combinations have a very plain pair of shorts paired with them. UNC’s shorts did not follow that pattern in the home or away jersey. 

My next favorite feature of the jerseys is the design of the angry Tar Heel mascot underneath the numbers on the back. The Tar Heel mascot is a very large and elaborate character with a lot of attention to detail in its face. The jersey successfully turned a large image into a backdrop for their jersey numbers on the back.  In my opinion, this is one of the best designs in college lacrosse simply due to the skill to create something like that. 


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