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When Will We See An All-Mesh Women’s Head? Women’s Roundtable Discusses

Editor’s Note: This multi-part series Women’s Stringing Roundtable on #TheGopherProject will provide insight from experienced stringers and representatives from stringing manufacturers. Today, we ask the question of when we will see the first all-mesh women’s head. Women’s lacrosse pockets have always had more restrictions than men’s pockets. With the recent relaxing of the rules and allowing mesh, it will be interesting to see how the game evolves.

Click here for Part 1 of the Women’s Roundtable Discussion talking about how mesh in women’s lacrosse is affecting the game. Click here for Part 2 about what the optimal women’s pocket is.

With the help of Robin Brown aka @Laxtractive, we selected a handful of our favorite women’s stringers and asked for their point of view. Let’s introduce the roundtable panel:

Roundtable Members

Liz Hogan

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Michael Spencer

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Marisa Zandi


Kaylee Nolan

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Robin Brown

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Maesa Phongsamouth

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Katie Facciola (the one, the only Foss!)

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When do you think you’ll we’ll see the first all-mesh women’s head?

Liz – I’d be curious to know what everyone thinks a head designed for mesh pockets looks like. As it stands, we have the Axxis, warp (full mesh out of the factory), SK Pro (has every hole imaginable for custom sidewall stringing) and everything in between. I think the better question lies more in what kind of mesh products will be invented to suit a women’s head restrictions.

Michael – Technically string king already has done that, as has brine.  I am guessing fall of 19 or spring 20 for everyone else.

Marisa – If you want to count the Brine warp as a mesh pocket then we can argue that it has already been created. However, if you want a head that you can customized with as many options as the men’s side of lacrosse, then I would imagine that a couple years is a more achievable

Kaylee – I’m not sure there will be one – there shouldn’t be any change in how the heads are designed because the pocket mechanics are still the same (channel, depth, shape, hold etc)

Robin – I know for a fact at least one is already in the works ;)

Maesa – I kind of thought the String King women’s stick was designed for mesh, but maybe I think that because they only offer it strung up with their mesh. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see a head just for mesh. If mesh can be put in a head and taken out then it would also have the option of getting strung with a traditional or hybrid. I think players like the option of both…sorry warp, not every player was built for the same pocket. A lot of my players have gotten the mesh strung stick but learned it wasn’t for them and changed the pocket out. Companies still win because they’re using the stick, just not their mesh. If I had to say, I’d think within 6-12 months we’d see a head specifically for mesh. Seems like more companies that have been only men’s lacrosse want to try their hand at making a women’s head too.

Foss – I’ve seen attempts.  But I don’t like a head that I can’t put a traditional in, which a lot of the mesh heads I’ve seen you can’t really do that