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Amateur Indoor Lax=Amateur Fighting? NO WAY!

Indoor LaxI get emailed tips from time to time and one of the most recent emails had to do with the rules surrounding fighting in an Amateur Indoor Lax League known as the MABLL. The Metro Area Box Lax League is probably the best amateur lax indoor league this side of our neighbors to the North. It operates out of the DC area and if you go through their site you will see some pretty big names on the rosters. Most teams have at least a sponsor or two and everyone wears hockey jerseys. Thankfully, they haven’t gone back to the MILL days [what later became the NLL] where all the guys on the floor were rocking spandex. Spandex and hockey jerseys, whoever thought THAT was a good idea?

Back to the fighting and more importantly, the email that precipitated this post…

As some of you know, on June 27th, we had an incident in which a player tackled an opponent from behind and threw repeated punches while on top of him. This player has been suspended for 2 games.

old_lacrosse_cardsAs many of you know, fighting is OCCASIONALLY a part of the box game. Unfortunately, we as Americans, do NOT know how to fight properly, we brawl. In order for a fight to occur, you must CHALLENGE another player to a fight and he MUST accept. This is done by both players dropping the gloves and removing the helmets.

What typically happens in our league is that a player gets his feelings hurt and then punches his opponent. Then a headlock occurs, teammates jump in and all hell breaks loose.

Here is what you SHOULD do. If a fight starts and you are on the floor, find the nearest opponent and “lock up” so each of you make sure the other does not get involved. If you are on the bench, DO NOT come on to the floor. The fight can continue until the refs stop it or the players hit the floor. At NO TIME should a player be punched on the floor. Failing to abide by the referees commands are grounds for suspension.

Fights sometimes happen. Let’s try to fight like men wih some honor should they happen!!

Spandex? really? REALLY? No wants to see your manberries.I really like that they allow for some fighting even though it is an amateur league because it really is a part of the indoor game at almost every level.  It would be very American of them to just ban it outright as we have done in countless hockey leagues.  I also like that they are focusing on the most important aspect of fighting: doing so with honor.  Anyone can sucker punch another player.  Anyone can be the third man into a fight and change the game.  It takes a real man to issue [or answer] the challenge, drop the gloves and the helmet and stand toe to toe.  Afterwards everyone can respect each other and although the fight might come out lopsided, at least it will be fair!  These days, something being fair is a rare commodity and I applaud the MABLL for taking the tack they settled on.

Well done boys!