Win This Custom American Made Lacrosse Stick

Win This Custom American Made Lacrosse Stick

To celebrate Independence Day in the United States, is giving away this super custom American made lacrosse stick. Utilizing “parts” from five different US-based lacrosse equipment companies who manufacture their products in America, this stick is truly one-of-a-kind.

Featuring The Hawk by Epoch Lacrosse (Minnesota) with an American flag theme created using the new formula from Rit Dye (New York) designed specifically for synthetics, the head was strung up using all Stringer’s Shack (Massachusetts) materials. To top things off – or should we say, bottom them – we locked in a Blue Ghost Shaft from Wolf Athletics (Illinois) with a red Jimalax (Arizona) end cap. Three (3) runners up will receive traditional stringing kits featuring premium leather laces and materials from  Stringer’s Shack.

The deadline to enter to win is Thursday, July 9th. Get in on the action below!

Here’s a closer look at this week’s prizes:

  • (1) GRAND PRIZE WINNER gets a
  • (5) RUNNERS UP receive a mesh kit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does the giveaway end? Our giveaways always end when the clock strikes midnight, but be sure to check the #LASGiveaway announcement for details on which day.
  2. When will the winners announced? Winners are announced when we launch the next #LASGiveaway the following week.
  3. I can’t see the form– is something wrong? It is best to access the entry form from a Windows, Android, or iOS device using Chrome or Safari as your browser. Try clearing your cache and cookies if it still doesn’t work, and if all else fails, you know where to find us.
  4. Will you pick me? Sorry, we don’t play favorites. Every winner is selected at random!
  5. When will I receive my prize? Winners can expect to their prizes to arrive within 10 business days once they’ve provided a mailing address.


Last week’s giveaway featured a DyeMore Starter Kit from Rit Dye and 5 Mesh Kits.

Rit DyeMore Starter Pack Giveaway

Special thanks to RIT Dye!

It’s time to find out if you won!

Grand Prize
DyeMore Starter Kit from Rit Dye & LaxAllStars!

Cole Strauss

2nd Prize
Mesh Kit

Steven Koenig, Brock Dickte, Cam Duarte, Andrew Frost, Adrian Fielosh

Congratulations to our winners, and a big thank you to all who participated!

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  1. “Who is the most influential American lacrosse player to ever live and why?”
    In the past 15 years it’s Paul Rabil. He has the skills and the swarthy good looks to get known, get sponsored, get the game grown by having his face plastered everywhere.
    There’s a case to be made for Brian Langtry as well, making inroads for box in the US. But that’s more behind-the-scenes.

  2. Who is the most influential lacrosse player in the world and why? As of right now id say Paul Rabil because of his power and handiwork on the field but I have a feeling that when Lyle Thompson gets into the league it will be a battle between the two.

  3. I would have to say either gary gait or paul rail. They are 2 different athletes as Garry Gait revolutionized lacrosse but Paul Rabil has done so much for lacrosse as well. I think if i had to choose between the two I would go with Gary gait. After all his wins and success he is the most influential lacrosse player ever.

  4. “Who is the most influential American lacrosse player to ever live and why?”
    I would have to say Gary Gait and Paul Rabil.
    Gary because he has revolutionized the Sport and Paul for his ability on the field but more importantly promoting the sport off the field. Between the 2 of them they have grown the game we love exponetially of the last few years.

  5. Who is the most influential American lacrosse player to ever live and why? Well there are a few people that can be mentioned in this question. There is Paul Rabil, Lyle Thompson, Mikey Powell, Casey Powell, and Gary Gait. In my opinion, I would choose Casey Powell. He is widely considered one of the greatest lacrosse players ever. He was in the MLL in its inaugural season and still plays today. He is the MLL all time points leader. Casey Powell is the most influential lacrosse player because of his skill, experience, and dedication to the game.

  6. I believe that Paul Rabil is the most influential American lacrosse player to ever play and live. He is one of the best players ever
    to play and can do everything on the field. He is the face of lacrosse and has helped grow the game. Paul Rabil is a role model on and off the field.

    • The Gaits are the most influential lacrosse players. Their brand, even though it may be gone, has represented schools such as UVA, and been worn by players across america. They have been an important part of lacrosse in america, and that is why they are the most influential lacrosse players.

  7. Although this may be a very obvious answer, I would definitely say Paul Rabil. Why? He was the first in the game to take it to social media. Why is this important? Because this allowed for many younger kids to be exposed to the game. Not only this, but he has driven popularity through outlets such as sportscenter and this is rare for Lacrosse. He also has his own line of gear for starting and high school players so you can get in the game because of him and stay in it because of him.

  8. I have to say that the most influential lacrosse player is Paul rabil. While that is a go to person I believe this because he helps people out and he gets involved with the lacrosse community. He has his own Q&A with the lax community and it seems like he really enjoys it. Also he helps spread the game over many things (such as the go pro YouTube page) and this is why I believe he is one of the most influential players