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Amherst Men’s Lacrosse – The Notch for North Side

This fall, the 50 members of the Amherst Men’s lacrosse team will run up and down the “Seven Sisters,” a mountain range spanning more than 15 miles, consisting of 14 peaks and more than 4000 ft of vertical climb of rocky terrain, along the Holyoke Range in western Massachusetts to help raise money and awareness for the North Side Community School’s Early Childhood Center in the heart of St. Louis, MO. North Side, located just 7 miles away from Ferguson, MO, is located along a racial divide in St. Louis called the Delmar Divide. North of Delmar Boulevard; the population is 99% African American, south of the Boulevard is 70% white. North of Delmar Blvd 5% of the population has bachelor’s degrees. South of the divide: 67% have bachelor’s degrees. Education is at the heart of disadvantage, and North Side is trying to tackle that divide! Amherst Lacrosse wants to help in their mission of providing education for disadvantaged students in the racially torn city of St. Louis, MO. Specifically, our “Notch for North Side” will help North Side continue to serve, predominantly low-income African American children. With our fundraising efforts, North Side will focus on providing individual attention, innovative technology and educational materials for these children.