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Angela Ruggiero Suiting Up with Paul Rabil
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Angela Ruggiero Suiting Up with Paul Rabil

Editor’s note Check out Paul Rabil’s new podcast below and be sure to subscribe on iTunes! Lace the boots up, Paul is taking on a new perspective with Olympian Angela Ruggiero. Open the mind, open the ears this week.

“When you’re challenged, you find out the most about yourself.”

Angela Ruggiero is one of the most decorated American Olympians of all time. She competed in four Olympics, playing defense for the women’s ice hockey team. Today, she’s a member of the International Olympic Committee, serving on the Executive Board as its Chairperson of the Athletes’ Commission.

Angela Co-Founded and is a Managing Partner of the Sports Innovation Lab, a market research and advisory firm focused on the intersection of sports and innovation. She’s the exemplary modern athlete. During the episode we discuss Olympic selection, gender disparity in sports, her decision to go to Harvard Business School, and how that’s positioned her well in business. Also, find out the mobile apps on her home screen, and why she strives for 9 hours of rest and still trains regularly.

Welcome to Suiting Up, where professional lacrosse player, operator and investor, Paul Rabil, talks to influencers within the world of sports to examine the modern duality of a professional athlete.

Let’s go, it’s time to Suit Up.

Here’s my interview with women’s hockey pioneer, Angela Ruggiero:

About Suiting Up

Suiting Up is an interview style podcast featuring lacrosse star and entrepreneur, Paul Rabil. Rabil, a 2x Major League Lacrosse MVP, splits his time between the gym and office, where he manages an OTT subscription platform and an event company, directs his foundation focused on learning differences and oversees a lengthy investment portfolio. This balancing act has become the new norm for athletes who seek to strike while the iron is hot both on the field and in the boardroom and it’s a challenge that requires more than just good time management. This podcast will explore the playbook of tools, technologies and strategies that athletes use to succeed.