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This week, the Going Offsides podcast welcomes Anish Shroff on as its guest to discuss his life in lacrosse and his story in the sport.
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Anish Shroff – A Driving Voice

This week we have an absolute treat for you. His voice is immediately recognizable to anyone who has watched championship weekend over the past decade or so, but that’s not what defines him. Anish Shroff is much more than a broadcaster: he’s a father, a friend, a husband, and a proud Syracuse grad. Based on his story, it’s completely reasonable to say he didn’t choose lacrosse, lacrosse chose him.

Our conversation with Anish was insightful, educational, and just an overall treat. Lacrosse fans can rest easy knowing that he, among others (Paul Carcaterra and Quint Kessenich), are the voices of lacrosse.

Last Week

Eli Gobrecht is the product of D3 Ithaca College, and he’s damn proud of it. His time at Ithaca prepared him, be it through an untraditional path, for life as a pro lacrosse player. In this week’s episode, he sits down with the guys from Going Offsides to discuss what it’s like being a “full-time” professional player and what exactly that means.

Later in the show, Eli talks about the D1 or bust mentality that a lot of recruits have and if that attitude is good for lacrosse. We also hear his opinions on the PLL/MLL merger, having been one of the first MLL guys to transition after the first PLL season. Eli Gobrecht is incredibly grateful for his time playing in Denver but was attracted to the aggressiveness and progressiveness of the PLL.

Our Guest

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Next Week

As always, we have some legends of the game coming your way. Given our schedule and that of our guests, we can’t guarantee which PLL player or D1 coach is on next, but that’s your clue.