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Five Recruiting Mistakes Lacrosse Players Must Avoid

Lacrosse recruiting mistakes

You’re a high school lacrosse player with dreams of playing in college, but it can be easy to make mistakes during the recruiting process. You’re signed up for the Top 100 Shootout, you play on the elite club team in your area, you have a jam-packed summer schedule. You’re excited – the coaches list is […]

How to Make a Lacrosse Practice Plan

lacrosse practice plan

You just got a job as the new head coach of a promising program, and you’re very excited to get started and begin developing your system and culture. You sit down to create your first practice plan for your new lacrosse team, and you write out your favorites drills for teaching and player development, along […]

Coaching Lacrosse: 5 Crucial Tips for New Lacrosse Coaches

New lacrosse coaches

You took the opportunity to get into coaching lacrosse! You are excited, you are enthusiastic, you are ready for the challenge. But where should new lacrosse coaches start? The goals you set are high, and the expectations to be great each day like your old coach used to say keeps creeping into the back of your […]

Florida Southern – Inside Game Week

Florida Southern

What a whirlwind start for us here at Florida Southern. Covid protocols, delays, pauses, Covid-19 positive cases, and not to mention injuries have made this season interesting to say the least.  FLORIDA SOUTHERN – INSIDE GAME WEEK The SSC began playing a 10-game season the weekend of March 20, six weeks after the normal first weekend […]

It’s The DII Life For Me

College lacrosse has changed a lot over the years. The DII level is not what it once was, and modern life in the division could be for you.

What is the perception of DII in the lacrosse world? The division that always seems to be playing the second fiddle to DI or DIII has had its history of misperception through the lacrosse landscape.  So, what is it? Players that couldn’t make it at a higher level? Bad grades? Troubled athletes? Full rides? Maybe you’ve […]

A Firsthand Account of the Growth & Development of Division II Lacrosse

Marty Ward, the head men's lacrosse coach at Florida Southern College, has witnessed the growth of Division II lacrosse as a player and coach.

Marty Ward is the head men’s lacrosse coach at Florida Southern College and has been involved with Division II lax for nearly two decades. He has witnessed the growth of Division II lacrosse firsthand since his playing days and now into his coaching career. We’re fortunate and proud to be welcoming new contributors to our […]