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Florida Southern
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Florida Southern – Inside Game Week

What a whirlwind start for us here at Florida Southern. Covid protocols, delays, pauses, Covid-19 positive cases, and not to mention injuries have made this season interesting to say the least. 


The SSC began playing a 10-game season the weekend of March 20, six weeks after the normal first weekend of February starting mark. Our Florida Southern Mocs had to battle through a late 10-day Covid pause in order to get the season started. We began the season with five games in 10 days because of two postponements from our season-opening delay.

It has been a gauntlet to start. The team played Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to start the campaign. A hyper speed season has us five games in with four losses. The team continues to get better each day, and will continue to fight through this 2021 season.

Team Zooms replace traditional scouting reports and film meetings to end the day, our weight room sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. time slots in the room due to protocols. The Florida Southern training room is as busy as ever with maintenance work, injury rehab, and stretching. Most of our players have appointments daily with our trainer. 

By the way, big shout out to the athletic trainers right now working through this difficult season. Hats off.

Florida Southern

Even though the season isn’t going the way we originally envisioned, study hall is still six hours a week along with wall ball workouts throughout the day.  In our team at Florida Southern, “shoot a bucket” is still a common phrase, we have players showing up early and leaving late from practice, and the jerseys are being washed and hung weekly. Team road trips are back, and so are team roll call, post-game food and smiles, and eye black is being put back on. Man…what a time.

I hope that all of the men and women who get an opportunity to play, coach, and ref this season take a step back and realize what a blessing it is to compete.  What an awesome opportunity and responsibility we all have this season to continue to get better and push our game forward.  Looking forward to the whistle blowing again this week!

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