World Cup Punts NCAA’s in 2026 – Who Gets It?

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With the news that the World Cup will be using Gillette Stadium as a site in 2026, the NCAA will now have to shift its focus to a different site for Championship Weekend. Originally scheduled prior to North America announcing World Cup host sites, this creates a unique problem for the NCAA. The Division I […]

The 3-3 Man Up Offense

The 3-3 man-up offense is a popular strategy used across all levels of lacrosse. It’s an effective way to exploit the extra man and create scoring opportunities. In this offense, there are three attackers positioned on the top of the offensive zone (referred to as “up top”) and three attackers positioned on the crease or […]

The Flat Break

The flat break refers to a specific type of fast break play that occurs when a team gains possession of the ball on defense and quickly transitions to offense. The objective of the flat break is to capitalize on the sudden change of possession and catch the opposing defense off guard, creating a numerical advantage […]

The Double Lock Defense

The “Double Lock” defense is a specialized defensive strategy in lacrosse that focuses on containing an opponent’s top offensive player, particularly an attackman or midfielder who is considered a significant scoring threat. This strategy involves assigning two defenders to lock off and closely mark the targeted player, effectively reducing their impact on the game. The […]

The Five Man

The “Five-Man” man-down defense is a defensive strategy used to defend against an extra-man offensive unit during a penalty situation. This defense is designed to create pressure on the ball while maintaining fluid rotations to cover passing lanes and potential shooting areas. It involves continuous movement and communication among defenders to disrupt the opposing team’s […]

How To Break The 10 Man

10 man ride

Breaking a 10-man ride and successfully clearing the ball is a challenging task that requires excellent communication, precise passing, and coordinated movement. A 10-man ride is a high-pressure defensive strategy where the opposing team applies intense pressure all over the field to prevent the clearing team from advancing the ball into the offensive zone. Here’s […]

The Box and One

The “Box and One” is a specialized man-down defense strategy used in lacrosse to defend against an extra-man offensive unit when the opposing team has a player advantage due to a penalty. This strategy is designed to limit the effectiveness of the offensive players by combining a zone defense with individual marking. It’s a more […]

Recruiting 101 – 15 Tips To Get Recruited

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Certainly, the college lacrosse recruiting process can be complex and competitive. With careful planning and dedication, you can increase your chances of finding the right fit for your academic and athletic goals. Here’s some advice for a high school player looking to take their game to the next level. 1. Self-Assessment: Start by evaluating your […]

Dissecting the 2-2

After a deep dive into the 1-4-1 were now shifting our focus to the 2-2. The 2-2 Offense is a structured offensive strategy that involves positioning players in a specific formation to create opportunities for scoring. The best part is that regardless of where you’re from, it’s the same front and back. This will be […]

LEGENDS: Five Who Would Thrive in Today’s PLL

Andy Towers Was a Beast in College, Brown '93

This week we’re doing a deep dive and looking at some of the games greats that could absolutely thrive under this year’s PLL Faceoff rule. The 32 second shot clock has transformed the league to the point where two-way middies are a hot commodity. It has also made people search for the almost extinct three-way […]

Week 7 Baltimore – PLL Bets

Week seven in the PLL brings us to historic Homewood Field in Baltimore. A favorite spot for players and fans, this weekend looks to be another sellout. Some great matchups this weekend as teams are starting to jockey for playoff position. A huge weekend for the PLL with two ABC games. The Atlas and the […]

Steve Beville and the Cortland Red Dragons

For the first time in a long time the Cortland Red Dragons will be looking for a new head coach. Longtime coach Steve Beville announced his retirement earlier this month after a 17-year run. A significant announcement for many reasons, this puts an end to one of the more remarkable coaching runs. Beville is the […]