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Best Game Ever – 1989 NCAA D1 Title Game

I’ve seen a lot of lacrosse games, but for my money, the best game ever is the 1989 match up between Syracuse and Johns Hopkins. You can watch the FULL GAME below, and you should, because it is pure lacrosse magic.

Want to know how good Gary and Paul Gait were in college? Want to see Quint make some ridiculous saves against the Gaits? Want to see Petro cover Gary Gait? What about the magic of Matt Panetta, or John Zulberti. Tom Marachek was ALSO playing in this game. Somehow he’s like an “also played”, which in any other game would be straight insulting.

Bill Dwan (Petro’s current assistant) and Brian Voelker (another D1 coach) make up the rest of the Hop D. Matt Palumb, one of the current D1 referees is in goal for Cuse. The list of greats goes on and on.

Unfortunately, Palumb is wearing shorts, and not football pants, but that’s the ONLY possible negative for this contest.

I don’t care if you know who won this game… spend an hour and a half of your life and watch it again. Put it on the big screen, you won’t regret it!


Also, pay CLOSE attention to the sticks these guys use, and how the game is played. There is a ton of passing, lots of transition, takeaways, and still some amazing dodging and some pretty ridiculous shooting skills. The game has always been great, but this just might be when it was its greatest! That’s not a knock on today’s game either, it’s just a nod to true excellence.

Check out LaxAllStars YouTube Channel for more great lacrosse video, and check out the commercial below for the Mt. Washington Tavern. Classic #TBT action! Thanks to Peter M Carey for posting these gems!

Classic all the way!

You can find more lacrosse video magic from 1989 HERE. What a year for college lacrosse. It’s almost as good overall as 2016 is shaping up to be!