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3 Best Lacrosse Heads I’ve Ever Used

As long as I have been involved in the game of lacrosse, I have always been fascinated by the gear and culture. That includes lacrosse heads.

I was one of those guys in middle school who would always talk gear with my teammates and who would often have no clue what I was talking about at the time. I watched the newest head releases and looked forward to LaxCon to see the latest and greatest gear. While friends of mine would watch for sneaker releases, I would watch for lacrosse gear releases. This was my life through high school. Once high school, hit I was the team and area stringer before and after games. I would constantly be studying patterns and noticing what heads took patterns and pockets better than others. Now as a college player, I have stuck with this role and become even more fascinated in design choices companies make with their gear.

While it would be impossible to actually pick the three best lacrosse heads of all time, I’m here to try. My aim here is to simply share the three best lacrosse heads I have used over the years and offer some explanation to why. While this is totally opinion based, I do hope this will spark some personal retroflection to the gear you used back in the day. 

3 Best Lacrosse Heads I’ve Ever Used: The HOLY TRINITY OF Heads


From my first several years of lacrosse to now, I have always loved and admired the Warrior Evolution series. Now, I could have nailed this down to one head in the line over the years, but that would have been a bit wrong. Each Evo brings its own style to the party.

The original Evo was a game changer and true offensive weapon. The Evo 4x was wide for picking off passes yet very versatile for attack. Man, I loved that Evo 4x. Then came around the Evo 5, which I think was a bit overlooked because of all the high tech head releases of the time. I still have an Evo 5 around as a backup today and use it for box often. The Evo 5 was and still is a great box head if you can get used to the face shape. Regardless of what Evo you like best, this series truly has a special place in my lacrosse gear memories. 


While I am a True Temper Lacrosse ambassador, I must say this head still makes my top list, regardless of my affiliation with the company. As you may have noticed already from my list thus far, it is very non-traditional and extremely attack orientated. The HZRDUS head from TRUE is easily the newest of the heads on this list, which has impressed from top to bottom.

Several main points will jump out right away. The first is the number of sidewall holes and the placement. It’s clear lots of thought went into this head for stringers and the pockets they desire. This head is a breeze to string. Being a big box player and with how I play field, what’s most important for me is the strength of heads and how they last over many games. This is where the HZRDUS has really shined for me. Strength, but not just randomly placed strength, is what I notice most in this head. Strength has been placed in key contact point areas in order to keep the head strong. I believe this has also stopped warping over the many games I have played with the HZRDUS head this past college campaign and moving into the IBLA box season. If you haven’t got to try one out yet, I highly suggest you do. 


Ah yes, the most intelligent of all lacrosse heads: the Surgeon series from STX. I can still think back to my first Surgeon head. It was in sixth grade when I realized that attack was for me. I disliked the running of midfield and loved scoring – go figure. Anyway, it was a light blue, almost a Carolina blue, Surgeon head that I think I let sit on my window for a week prior to stringing. It was like the leg lamp in the Christmas story movie.

Jokes aside, the Surgeon series of heads is iconic and will always be in my top list. The original Surgeon had a tight and sharp face shape that just screamed scoring, and the plastic it was made out of just seemed different. It felt strong and super cool at the time. Next were the Surgeon 10 and Surgeon 10 500. These were sick heads, because they utilized the new college spec rules at the time and introduced a new face shape. I really loved these things for the box game, oddly enough. Long story short, the Surgeon line is still going strong to this day, but the origin of this line of heads is what makes it so special in my mind. 


Now, this is a head I can almost promise none of you saw coming: the Under Armour Command head. It was a short-lived line of heads, but something really stuck out about them. I really fell in love with the Command the second I had one tied up and throwing. They catered well to my box and field games. Heck, I still have one brand new in the vault of heads, so I can one day prove to my kids that Under Armour really did make lacrosse heads. Aside from some issues with warping and over pinching, these heads really were all around solid. The first rendition of the Command had its fair share of issues, but the second version released with college specs really knocked it out of the park for me. I would have loved to see this line of heads go further, but sadly no one will ever know what they could have evolved into.