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Best PLL helmets 2021
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Best PLL Helmets: Breaking Down the League’s Best Buckets

What are the best buckets the Premier Lacrosse League has to offer? I’m going to break down the best helmets we’ve seen in the PLL so far in 2021.

A professional lacrosse helmet should stand the test of time – these helmets are looked up to by kids and drooled at by gearheads all around. The PLL has done a phenomenal job when designing each team’s look as every club’s image is uniquely its own. While I do not think there are any bad helmets in the PLL, some certainly stand out among the rest.

Best PLL Helmets 2021

Atlas Blues

The Atlas arguably have one of the best color schemes in all of sports. A vibrant electric blue mixed with cream and purple accents makes for a unique look that not many have seen before. This eye-popping blue helmet stands out in a crowd and is enhanced by the Atlas horns etched across the sides. I would argue that this helmet belongs in an art museum more than on a lacrosse field. It’s easily one of the best helmets in the PLL right now.

Chrome Chrome

The Chrome decided to change things up this year by removing the awful wing design from the their helmets. Chrome helmets have taken the lacrosse world by storm for a few years now, and the Chrome somehow found a way to revamp this look to make it feel original. Playing to the strengths of its color scheme, Chrome has committed to throwing its primary logo on the side of the team’s helmet, and boy is it beautiful.

Waterdogs Purple Chrome

These helmets were certainly inspired by the saying, “look good, feel good, play good.” They’re one of the flashiest helmets to ever grace a lacrosse field and one of the best in the PLL right now. While I do not think the Waterdogs are fully utilizing their color scheme to its fullest potential, there is no question that these helmets hit the nail on the head. You could show this helmet to any non-lacrosse fan, and they’d still have to respect the Waterdogs’ drip.

Whipsnake Teal

On paper, this color scheme should not work in any way, shape, or form. But the Whipsnakes have somehow found a way to make teal and red not look tacky.

The helmet meshes perfectly with the team’s kits. I feel this helmet has already found its way into the history books for its stunning look and the Whips’ winning history. While this helmet would certainly be enhanced by a white facemask, I can understand the decision to go with black.

Archers White

Not all white helmets are created equal, and the Archers white-out helmets certainly rises above the rest in the PLL. Some may look at this helmet and call it “boring” or “unoriginal,” but those individuals don’t know how to admire a clean, sophisticated look. The Archers didn’t attempt to make this look flashy, and I applaud them for that.

This look is timeless. There isn’t a single thing that I’d change about this helmet.

Honorable Mentions

Redwoods Green

To say the Redwoods have an identity issue would be an understatement. The team has not used a consistent shade of yellow since the club was announced. This is a problem, especially when trying to create a recognizable brand image. All of these shades of yellow have been found in the Redwoods marketing of physical apparel.

The only thing leaving the Redwoods green helmets off this list is the ugly yellow chin piece. While it does match the outline of the bear, it does not match the neon green shade that the team is using for just about everything else, so I can’t call it one of the best PLL helmets.

Archers Orange

When the PLL was announced, each team unveiled a “concept” helmet. None of these helmets were actually used, so it makes you question why they were released in the first place.

With the Archers now sporting an orange jersey, the lacrosse world needs to see this helmet touch a field.

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