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Best PLL Uniforms
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The Best PLL Uniforms Through 2021’s Week 4

A new season means updated outfits. While I don’t think any of the PLL teams have bad uniforms, some certainly stand out more than others. These are the best PLL uniforms through Week 4, as according to me.

Before we begin, I’d like to make note that I made the decision to ignore all white kits, because then we could have a post consisting of just white uniforms, which are my weakness.

Keep in mind: next week we will have a standalone post about the best PLL helmets. They deserve their own attention.

The Best PLL Uniforms That Impress

Chrome LC: All of it

It’s as if someone in the PLL design team used their NOS too early (Fast and Furious reference when they actually raced cars). They designed the Chrome uniforms and had nothing left to give the rest of the teams, and I’m okay with that, because these are spectacular.

The decision to fade the uniform into the shorts was brilliant, as was ditching the pink socks, making pink truly an accent color, and fully embracing the TEAL. Unrelated, but the Chrome’s chrome helmet is also unmatched.

Atlas LC: Blue Top/White Shorts

The safest and most classic look on the list. It features a jersey with a strong color that doesn’t need any ghosted imaging or patterns. The white helmet/short combo keeps a consistent and clean look across the board.

Waterdogs LC: Light Purple

Rarely do I think of purple and professional sports at the same time, but for some inexplicable reason, I love the light purple kits the ‘Dogs are sporting. For some other inexplicable reason, I also hate the dark purple version.

The key to making the light purple work is using the metallic helmet. The white helmets could work, but the chin piece on the Warrior helmets ruins the whole look.

Whipsnakes LC: All Red

Red is usually synonymous with second place, but not in the PLL – in the PLL, champions wear red.

These all red kits are striking, and somehow there is just enough teal accent around the logo and on the sleeve cuffs to pull in the socks and helmets perfectly.

Archers LC: Orange/Blue

Orange is another one of those colors I just don’t think about very often in professional sports. The Archers take that very vibrant orange and blend it perfectly with an almost matte blue, which tones everything down just enough.

Uniform I want to love but can’t:

It’s pretty simple: the all-blue Cannons uniforms are 90% amazing and 10% why? Simply remove the smoke, and I’m all in.

You can find our rankings of last year’s best PLL uniforms here.