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Five Best Pro Lacrosse Jerseys of the Last Few Years

We can all appreciate a good-looking jersey, but the ones that stuck with us through the years are often some of the best. Through the last few years of pro lacrosse, I came up with what I think are the five best jerseys to grace the grass and turf.

Represented in this list are two MLL teams, two PLL squads, and an NLL side.

5 Best Pro Lacrosse Jerseys of the Last Few Years

Ohio Machine Black Alternates (2018)

I think we can all remember how cool some of the iconic Ohio Machine jerseys were. To me, one of the coolest was their black alternate jersey released in 2018. From the grey machine gears designed into the sleeves to the machine blue with white-outlined numbers, these things were sweet. Also important to note was the two-color collar that New Balance integrated. Big fan of the design all around on these jerseys.

Best pro lacrosse jerseys

Atlanta Blaze Orange Classics (2018ish)

I LOVED a lot about the Atlanta Blaze and their design ability, from jerseys to social media. However, one Blaze jersey in particular jumped out to me when thinking of the five best pro lacrosse fits: the bright orange Blaze jersey with black sleeves is one of my all time favorites.

Pairing this look with the orange chrome helmets made these things even cooler. This jersey also featured black and red accents to really give the viewers a Blaze image impression. You would be hard pressed to find a fan who saw these jersey colors and didn’t instantly think of the Blaze. It’s important to note that the Blaze’s all red and even their bright yellow jerseys were also quiet cool.

Cannons LC Dark Blues (2021)

I felt that the Cannons LC had some pressure to impress with their uniforms during their first PLL season as the first MLL team to cross over, and impress they did by releasing two uniforms, both paying homage to the MLL roots of the club.

Best pro lacrosse jerseys

My favorite of the two is the navy/dark blue alternate that reminded me of the MLL days but also offered a modern twist with the blue smoke working its way up the bottom half of the jersey. I will also note that I’m a big fan of the two-colored stripes going around each sleeve. It’s a classy look for sure, and I’m excited to see what next year’s Cannons jersey will look like.

Redwoods LC Greens (2021)

While there isn’t a ton of variation between the green Redwoods jersey of 2020 and the Redwoods jerseys of 2021, I feel like the commitment to a classic look is what makes them spectacular. The jerseys of 2021 featured a tree print faded behind the team logo with white accent letters and numbers. I’m a big fan of this colorway and attention to detail when putting together a jersey. It’s easy to say these aren’t the flashiest jerseys in the PLL, but they are one of the cleanest.

Best pro lacrosse jerseys

Halifax Thunderbirds Whites (2019-20)

My favorite NLL jersey is an easy one with this awesome white Halifax Thunderbirds jersey. My favorite feature is the classic three-colored font going across the jersey.

While some would call this simple, I would argue it’s a well-thought-out retro design look. I’m also a big fan of the orange colored collar and two-striped sleeves. This entire look gives me retro design thoughts. I must also add that the rest of the Thunderbirds jerseys are also quite impressive.