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Latrell Harris reveals the gear he swears by and his preferences, including his love for his personalized net wraps from MSNLazer.
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Net Wraps & Nike Gloves Are Always in My Gear Bag

I’ve never been one to stress over my lacrosse gear.

When I was a kid, I used whatever was given to me. That hasn’t changed much as I’ve gotten older, though my access to nicer equipment has obviously improved.

Of course, like everyone else, I still have preferences. If given the choice, I’m almost always picking something simple. The simpler, the icier. The only exception is if you can customize the colours and create the overall look you want.

I can be more particular about a few things, though. I was invited to a bike ride camp in grade 11 at the Nike facility in Oregon, and the gloves I got there are still in use. They make appearances whenever the Brock boys get a pick-up game going or I go shoot around, but those gloves are just too comfortable to give up. I swear by them.

When I do go out to shoot, I bring my net wrap custom made for me by MSNLazer. It helps me paint the corners, plus I really like pineapples. MSNLazer makes these net wraps custom made, so whether you’re like me and are passionate about pineapples or want something else to cover your net, you’ll get the same practice I am.

MSNLazer also made me my own wood shaft that’s tailor made to suit my needs and my game as a transition player. While I’m willing to use plenty of different sticks, it would be wrong of me to leave out this unique piece of equipment.

Shoes are another area where I know what I want. Lately, I’ve been using white Under Armours with blue laces for the contrast, but I’ve got my eyes on the Below Zero Kawhis from New Balance. I plan to scoop those as soon as possible.

This year, I’ve been trying out a new brand, TRUE, for a good portion of my lacrosse gear. I wasn’t unhappy with what I was using previously, but the opportunity arrived to check out something new, and I’m taking advantage. Maybe I’ve found my equipment provider of the future?

In the end, it’s function over fashion. Give me gear that works, and I’ll take it every time over something flashy that doesn’t, even if it’s the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen (well, okay, maybe not the ugliest thing, but I’m willing to look mediocre if it means my bucket is solid and my stick is strong).