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D3 Lacrosse Cartoon – BONUS!

We’ve got a BONUS D3 lacrosse cartoon this week from Jim Fenzel, so now in addition to the D1 West Side Story ink up, we also have a D3 men’s lacrosse cartoon where certain animals are falling from the sky.

Can you guess which ones?

It’s Raining D3 Lacrosse Cartoon Animals, Hallelujah

d3 lacrosse cartoon

In this case it’s raining Gulls and Jumbos (that’s an elephant) because Salisbury (the Sea Gulls) and Tufts (the Jumbos) were #1 and #2, and both lost over the weekend. Bates is doing their best Fred Astaire Gene Kelly (thanks Peter Carey!), and Amherst’s new Mammoth is proud to be the one to take down their fellow Proboscidea. York gets a little love with an upside down umbrella, and a couple other top level teams are dodging falling mascots.

The real question is this: Do you want to play Salisbury OR Tufts after they lose a game? NO, no you don’t. It makes them angry. Have you ever seen an angry Sea Gull? It’s not pretty. And an angry giant elephant? Well, you can guess how that goes.

D3 is exciting, high quality lacrosse, and we’ve got the cartoon to prove it.

Thanks to Jim Fenzel for another amazing weekly D1 Lacrosse Cartoon! He keeps us guessing, spreads the references all around, and never misses the mark.

To see more of Jim Fenzel’s excellent work and to avoid being stabbed by a shark wielding a switchblade, check out his website. He’s got a coffee mug or two on there you’re going to want to pick up, because coffee is good, and so are his cups.

Jim will be back each week with more one-of-a-kind Weekly D1 (and other) Lacrosse Cartoons. Enjoy, and if you see Jim on Twitter, give him some thanks and of course the all important follow.

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What’s the great big flat thing coming at me now? I’ll call it ground. I wonder if it will be friends with me?