2014 Bowhunter Cup Canceled
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Bowhunter Cup Rosters: US and Iroquois

We got our hands on the Iroquios Nationals and Team USA rosters for the 2013 Bowhunter Cup, which will be played tonight at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena. General Admission tickets are $10 at the door, and still available as of 2:30pm ET.

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo 2012 Bowhunter Cup

The Iroquois are 2-1 agains the US in Bowhunter Cup games, and 3-0 against the US at the WILC. The Iroquois won last year’s game 12-10. The Nationals are sending out a relatively seasoned group of players, and they will have plenty of offensive fire power. With a number of these guys playing for Six Nations this past Summer, look for the Nationals to be relatively crisp right away.

I’m particularly excited to see Randy Staats play box for the Nationals, and it should be interesting to see how he fits in with Jamieson, Powless, Point, and the Hills.

Iroquois Nationals Roster

Cody Jamieson
Craig Point
Johnny Powless
Randy Staats
Jeremy Thompson
Roger Vyse
Dean Hill
Travis Hill
Alex “Kedoh” Hill
Tom Montour
Wenster Green
Joe Hall
Sid Smith
Vaughn Harris
Marty Hill
Rod Squire
Holdon Vyse
Warren Hill
Angus Goodleaf

When you look at the US roster, it’s not quite as “star studded”, but don’t be fooled because there is some talent there too, and some dedicated box lacrosse guys. Ethan Farrell and Greg Rogowski immediately jump as threats for me on offensive, and Matt Hickman and Brandon Dube can both score goals from the left. The D has some good size and athleticism, and there is some solid transition potential. A lack of familiarity could easily put the US at a distinct disadvatange, but it’s great to see some of these lesser known guys getting a chance to impress.

Randy Fraser is the US Head Coach for the first time, and I’m excited to see him lead these guys in a tough game, especially as the US begins preparations for the 2015 WILC. Guys like Rabil, Mundorf, Crotty, Manley, and Walters may be missing, but this is a solid group. I’m excited to see them compete.

Team USA Roster

Farrell Ethan   RF
Rogowski Greg   RF
Smith Kyle      RF
Brent Rothfuss  RF
Holt Erik       LF
Dube Brandon    LF
Hickman Matt    LF
Martin Bowes    LF
Nauerth Adam    LT
Welch Brian     RD
O’Brien Mike    RD
Forsythe James  RD
Taylor Zach     RD
Smith Joe       RD
Nadler Mike     RD
Walkowiak Mael  RD
Ricks Jake      RD
Baker Kyle      RD
Miller Brendon  G
Evans Joe       G

In making a game prediction, I have to say the Iroquois should be heavily favored. If the US team goes in and tries to keep it close, they could do ok, but will likely lose. If they play their game, they have a much better shot at winning, but also a much better shot at getting blown out. We don’t have to wait long to see what happens!