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breaking-in a traditional pocket #thegopherproject
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Breaking-In A Traditional Pocket, Part 2: #TheGopherProject

This week we’re going to revisit the STX Stallion Omega I strung up here.  Here the focus is on adjusting the pocket as it breaks in. This is Part 2 of breaking-in a traditional pocket.

Breaking-In A Traditional Pocket, Part 2

Alright, here’s what you need:

  1. A strung traditional pocket 
  2. Patience….

So, let’s take a look at this video so you can see a comparison between a pocket that is breaking in and mesh.  Until the pocket sags like a broken-in mesh pocket, you’ll notice a tougher time receiving passes. They’ll tend to pop around a bit.  This is where wallball is important.  

Do you see how the cross lace is “biting” into the leather?  When this happens, you can stop stretching the pocket in a stretcher/ball and butter knife.  Again, wallball and when you think you’re done, wallball more.  

Shooters – This is a process that you’ll need to do throughout the life of the pocket.  Here is my favorite method. Untie all the shooters but leave them in the head. Start throwing and after 10-20 reps, tighten the top shooter.  Throw some more and when you are satisfied with the tension, move to the second shooter. Repeat until all have been knotted. Note, you may have to do this every time until it’s game ready.  Just part of the process.

Next week’s article is another hybrid pocket… two of them you could say… stay tuned!