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brine clutch 3x #thegopherproject

Brine Clutch 3X: Reclamation Project

Today we’re reclaiming a Brine Clutch 3X on this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject. If you have read the previous reclamation project, you know what’s in store.  My goal is here is to take a head that wasn’t the commercial hit — that doesn’t mean it was a failure by the way — and see if I can construct a pocket that could turn this into a gamer. There is only one rule. The head has to be stiff to begin with. If the head warps or bends easy, we’re just going to leave that alone. So, let’s get started on this week’s edition of #TheGopherProject!

Materials Required for Reclaiming:

  1. Any used or pre-owned lacrosse head (Brine Clutch 3X)
  2. Mesh (six-diamond waxed Barrier Mesh)
  3. Sidewall string

For this initial reclaiming project, I selected the Clutch 3X. The “knock” on the 3X was how wide it was for an offensive head.  Offensive players typically want a tighter face shape where the Clutch flares out wide. While it was a miss for offense, it definitely has a spot on the defensive half of the field.  

Choosing a Lacrosse Head

Every year, there is a lacrosse head released that’s not the commercial success expected. The Clutch was shocking in that for 5 years previously, the Clutch was a go to head.  There are many factors into why a head may “fail.” Sometimes, the head has a design flaw or isn’t strong enough. With heads like this, there is little you can do. You live and learn and make the corrections on the next one.

However, public perception also plays a factor into how well a head sells. A company could design the greatest head on the planet but if it doesn’t pass the court of public opinion, it’ll sometimes fade out of existence. Now, all heads have to look great in addition to play great. Back in the day, we played with boat oars that were as deep as a tennis racket, not any more.

Choosing Lacrosse Mesh

Here I choose Barrier Lacrosse waxed six-diamond mesh.  With the face shape of the Clutch, I felt I could get a good mid/low pocket and provide plenty of hold and a quick release.  I also feel that the six-diamond mesh makes ground balls easier to pull into the head. Seemed like the perfect chance to break this out. 

Now it’s your turn to reclaim a lacrosse head! Which one do you choose and what route do you go from there? Let us know in the comments section or use hashtag #TheGopherProject on social media!

Watch my latest video for even greater detail:

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