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Burt Phishstick. Man. Myth. Legend.

See the evolution of Warrior’s marketing in “The Burt Phishstick Story”, an off-the-wall viral marketing campaign about a misfit trying out for the Denver Outlaws.

I don’t know what the was drive behind this hilarious short, but Warrior did a fantastic job portraying a poor uncoordinated dork who wants to find his father and have a shot at playing in the MLL (and just so happens to be equipped with brand new Warrior equipment at all times).

I think I know too much about gear, but he’s decked out in the latest from the Player’s Club line, including the Warrior Nut Hut, Hitman 7.0, Elbow Guard 7.0 as well as some Superfly’s and the Venom helmet.

Editors note: The “Phishstick” viral campaign is the kind of wacky lacrosse ad that we over at LAS support.  Check out the backstory on some of Warrior’s past advertising slip-ups in StridingMan’s article titled “Warrior’s Promiscuous Past + Awkward Gorillas“.