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Cajun’s Corner – What It’s All About

Mention in the local newspaper

When I was in High School, my coach used to tell us “Give back to the game.” I never really understood why he said that until last weekend. Maybe I could conjure up some response as to why, but I truthfully didn’t understand it.

Last week, the team I’m coaching in it’s first year of existence, Dutchtown Lacrosse Club, landed it’s first win. Our team is comprised of 23 guys who had never held a stick until January, and we were reminded regularly by a lot haters that “we probably won’t win a game for the first couple of seasons.” And for the most part, that’s a fair assumption. But I can honestly say I’ve never been around a team with the spirit and heart that these guys have. They truly love this game, and continue to surprise me on a daily basis.

Doing some coach stuff
Scrapping for that GB
Always a good picture when their feet are above their head
The final tally
They dumped the water jug on me

This was one of the most emotional moments of my life. It’s almost indescribable. During the fourth quarter, I could see the excitement in their eyes, hear it in their voices, and feel the energy in the air. At that moment, when you do something you were told was impossible, and when you’re part of these players’ unbelievable accomplishment, that’s when you realize that this is what lacrosse is really all about. This is what my coach meant when he said “Give back to the game.”

It’s not really about winning or losing any more. At least not to me. It’s about giving moments like that somebody else. It’s about that moment when a kid realizes he can do something that he was told he couldn’t.

About the author: Knox is a 24 year old High School Head Coach in a small area east of Baton Rouge. He played High School ball for four years, and college ball for about 1 week until he realized his collegiate priorities rested with more important things like partying and eventually trying to get his grades up. He enjoys things that most Louisiana people do – eating boiled crawfish and alligator, a cold Abita Amber, anything LSU, his dog, and his beautiful girlfriend, Audrey. Lacrosse is not listed because most Louisiana people have no idea what lacrosse is.

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